• Oct 23, 2019

the Dream – the most important part of the life of cats, they spend for it till 20 o'clock in day. Why not to provide to the favourite pet the convenient location for rest? One of the simplest options – to build a comfortable hammock for a cat.

the Hammock on a radiator

How to Make a Cozy Hammock for a Cat with Own Hands

Such hammock consists of two main parts: framework and cloth. It is possible to buy a ready framework, it is possible to use for this purpose the old dryer for ware or to build it independently. In the latter case you will need a thick wire or metal rods which need to give the necessary form by means of passatizhy. The size of a framework depends on weight and dimensions of a cat and also width and height of the battery. For a bed take two pieces of the dense and not electrified fabric, sew them among themselves from 3 parties, then turn out a cover outside and through the remained opening pull on a framework. If necessary on corners of a metal framework it is possible to establish additional patches that the animal was not wounded.

Wall hammock

How to Make a Cozy Hammock for a Cat with Own Hands

A wall hammock – a great option in the conditions of the shortage of free horizontal surfaces. Will be necessary for its production:

  • 2 hooks;
  • couple of chains;
  • 2 detachable links;
  • 3 m of a thick wire;
  • 2 pins;
  • fabric 25kh65sm;

From tools prepare centimeter, the screw-driver, the hammer, passatizh, scissors, the screw gun. When all necessary is near at hand, it is possible to start actions. For a start be engaged in a framework. It can be built from the wire bent by passatizha or from PVC of the pipes connected by corners. Measure a framework and according to the received figures plan on a fastening point wall. From three parties sew a piece of fabric, put on it a framework and record. Then drill two holes in a wall, twist pins in each of which and insert on a hook. Throw with chains hooks, and attach their ends by means of detachable links to a framework.

the Suspended bed in a cage

How to Make a Cozy Hammock for a Cat with Own Hands

The cage can contain kittens or adult cats and cats are submitted for walk. That it was not boring for the pet in a cage, it is possible to build in it a comfortable hammock. For it will be required: 2 pieces of dense fabric, a nylon belt, 4 fixing clips. Scheme of creation of a hammock rather simple:

  • Cut a belt on 4 equal parts.
  • Stitch fabric from all directions, and on corners sew pieces of a nylon belt, forming of everyone an eyelet.
  • Insert the fixing clips into loops and suspend them to the top part of a cage.

Floor hammock

How to Make a Cozy Hammock for a Cat with Own Hands

The floor hammock is convenient the mobility – it at any time can be rearranged to other place. It is possible to make such design, for example, of PVC pipes.

  • Cut off 6 pieces of a pipe on 30 cm and two pieces on 25 cm
  • Carefully process the ends of pipes an emery paper.
  • Connect 30 cm of a pipe by means of corners and the T-shaped fitting, forming the design similar to a table.
  • Hem edges of dense fabric so that to create in them "sleeves" on diameter of pipes.
  • Insert 25 cm of a tube into the received openings and attach them to the main design.

For transportations in the car

How to Make a Cozy Hammock for a Cat with Own Hands

The big and convenient hammock will allow without effort and it is safe to transport a cat in the car. A few materials are required for it:

  • dense waterproof fabric (tarpaulin, for example);
  • strong straps with length regulator;
  • bathing towels.

Fabric needs to prepare more as the hammock will occupy practically all back half of the car. Two pieces of dense fabric are sewed among themselves, between them stack bathing towels. So the hammock will turn out softer and pleasant for your pet. On corners of fabric sew hooks from dense straps. As a result the simple and reliable design turns out. During transportation of a strap from 4 parties put on head restraints in the car.

Having used the provided instructions, it is possible to build hammocks for cats for all occasions. In the winter to the pet it will be warm at the battery, in the rest of the time of year – in a mobile or wall hammock.

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