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the Toy for a cat the hands – an excellent and inexpensive gift to a pet love. It is possible to make it for 1 evening, using improvised materials: pieces of fabric and fur, rope, laces. Self-made bagatelles are reliable and safe, they will serve long, and after accidental damage it is easy to replace them. To be amused with mice, balls and other accessories not only kids, but also quite adult cats so you should not be limited to 1 toy love.

How to Make a Toy for a Cat with Own Hands
the Toy for a cat the hands – an excellent and inexpensive gift to a pet.

the Mouse for a cat

The simplest and practical option – a soft stuffed toy. For production of a charming mouse is required:

  • dense fabric (gabardine, thick woolen cloth, felt, faux fur);
  • interlining;
  • cotton wool or sintepon for stuffing;
  • threads.

The pattern can be made independently or to use a ready cliche which is simple for finding in magazines on needlework. The mouse optional has to be faultlessly beautiful. It is much more important to pick up fabric which will be pleasant to a cat. Pets prefer to dense fleecy materials and also natural and faux fur. That the product turned out strong, it is better to sew it by car, but if it is absent, it is possible to work manually, laying small and frequent stitches. Is more practical to use especially strong synthetic threads which the cat will not be able to tear or extend.

How to Make a Toy for a Cat with Own Hands
the Pattern can be made independently or to use a ready cliche which is simple for finding in magazines on рукоделию.

To understand how to make a soft toy, simply. The simplest pattern – the oval narrowed from 1 edge. 2 preparations with an allowance for seams will be required. For ears cut out 2 semicircles (for everyone 2 details are necessary). From interlining 1 more detail which is located between 2 layers of fabric is found. Details of a trunk and ears prostrachivatsya on inner side, a small part has to remain not sewn up. Products are turned out on the face and carefully finish.

the Trunk of a mouse jams cotton wool or interlining. > For uniform distribution it is convenient to strong to use a pencil, previously having divided filler into small pieces. Openings are sewn up with strong double stitches. As a tail it is possible to use a strong lace or the strip which is cut out from the main fabric. Ears are sewn from a muzzle, the tail fastens in a back part of a trunk. For bigger decorative effect the mouse can embroider eyes and a nose. Buttons and beads you should not use, the cat can swallow them. Some owners recommend to put in a little dried up cat's mint, so the mouse will be more attractive to the pet. The soft toy can be strengthened on a thread, the cat with pleasure will run behind it on all rooms.

How to make toys for a cat with own hands (video)

Fluffy pompon

It is possible to make a toy for a cat with own hands in only several minutes. Those who is not able to sew will like a magnificent pompon with which with pleasure pets of all age play. the simplest products turn out from color rags : cotton, linen, woolen. You should not use easily showered fabrics, such pompon will be short-lived.

The chosen fabric is cut on narrow strips which is collected in a bunch and put in half. In the middle the linking of rags is drawn by a strong thread. It is necessary to make an incision the formed loops and to fluff up a sphere from scraps. It can be suspended on the door handle, to strengthen on a plastic rod. The cat with pleasure will be engaged in the offered toy.

How to Make a Toy for a Cat with Own Hands

1 More option of a pompon is made of thick woolen threads . Previously the double template in the form of a circle with an opening in the middle is cut out from dense cardboard. Preparation is wound with threads by means of a needle which is passed through the central opening. Than cotton layers are thicker, especially the pompon will leave magnificent. When threads lie rather densely, between layers of a template the thread is stretched and tied in the center. In conclusion preparation is cut on edge, the paper template is taken out. That the sphere turned out ideally round, it can be straightened with scissors. That it was more interesting to cat to play, it is possible to tie a thin, but strong elastic band to a product.

The fluffy pompon can be sewed from faux fur, having turned it into an original toy teaser. The rag from thin synthetic fur is stitched on edge by large stitches and pulled together on a thread. Inside sintepon, cotton wool or other filler is located. The thread strong drags on that the design did not collapse. The pompon becomes stronger on a flexible rod or a grove. That the toy became even more interesting, it can be supplied with a small jingle.

How to Make a Toy for a Cat with Own Hands

Amusing rattle

Simple and entertaining option – a rattle. it can be driven instead of a ball, to throw, hunt for it. Such bagatelles are especially loved by the little kittens only beginning acquaintance to the world around. One toy made of improvised materials will last for a long time and when it fails, it is simple to replace it with new.

The easy and amusing rattle is made of a container the kinder surprise. Also the empty plastic jar from vitamins of a cylindrical form will approach. It needs to be rinsed and dried. Dry peas or any grain are inside filled. Semolina creates soft rustling, fasolina tap, buckwheat clicks. That the cover did not open, it can be recorded in addition an adhesive tape. After that the surface banks is greased with glue and densely wound with a rope from jute or other similar material. is important to use flavourless glue, non-toxic and safe for animals . After drying the toy can be suspended on a ribbon. It will entertain the cat forced to remain long alone. The toy perfectly trains hunting instincts.

Pogremushku-shurshalku it is possible to tie with woolen threads. It is important that plastic capacity was not too heavy, otherwise it will be difficult to cat to send her. For a binding the thick hook is used, work is conducted by columns without nakid that the covering turned out dense. Thus it is possible to update any ball from plastic or rubber, having made it more attractive to the pet. The toy will remind a cat a ball with which it is possible to frolic for days on end.

How to Make a Toy for a Cat with Own Hands

of the Toy for the cleverest

Interactive toys for cats it is possible to make with own hands from improvised materials. Such products increase intelligence of the pet and for a long time occupy it, distracting from damage of wall-paper, footwear and other "wrong" entertainments. Interesting entertainment for the pet – a labyrinth . There are many options of a similar product, all of them are based on the general principle: the cat has to get the delicacy hidden in capacity with openings.

It is possible to make toys of any low cardboard box with a cover. In it round openings in which there has to pass only the cat's paw are cut. The animal will try to pick up delicacy, such labyrinth will occupy the pet at several o'clock. To refresh impressions, from time to time the box needs to be removed. When it is got again, the cat will be delighted to it as to a new toy.

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Not less interesting puzzle is built from the cardboard plugs which are in toilet rolls. Cardboard cylinders with the cut-through openings develop in the form of a pyramid and are fastened with glue, inside gives all the best a little dry feed. Accurately executed design looks quite presentably, it can be established near a cat's lodge, a stove bench or a kogtetochka.

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