• Oct 9, 2019
Owners of cats quite often face

a problem of the peeled wall-paper. If you regularly look after the pet's claws, and he all the same prefers to do "manicure" about room walls, it is possible to try just to frighten off from them the fluffy hooligan, if educational measures do not help.

How to Protect Wall-paper from a Cat

Special sprays

There are special sprays for scaring away of cats who it is possible to apply on any attacked objects: footwear, curtains, upholstered furniture, wall-paper. The unpleasant smell will force the pet to lose interest in the processed thing.

Spray is on sale in any pet-shop. It does not do harm to health of animals and people. Besides scaring away by an unpleasant smell, it is possible to try to paste pieces of a bilateral adhesive tape or a foil on favourite sites of walls. Unpleasant feelings will force an animal to forget about an addiction.

Essential oils

Some essential oils, for example, citrus or lavender, will help to disaccustom a pet to damage of wall-paper. It is necessary to pound several drops of oil on a surface of a wall or to part means in the small volume of water and to process wall-paper by means of a spray. Daily the smell should be updated.

Essential oils will also be useful to stimulate the interest of a cat in a kogtetochka. For this purpose the valerian or cat's mint will approach.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is quite capable to disaccustom the pet to damage of wall-paper. It is enough to sprinkle a wall drops of lemon juice and not to forget to update a smell. Also the lemon crust is useful: it should be spread out in those places where the cat usually scratches wall-paper. Instead of a lemon it is possible to use orange, grapefruit or a lime. Not on temper the smell of ground chili pepper, a carnation and a coriander is also necessary to a cat.

of Steklooboi

If to disaccustom the pet it is impossible to scratch walls, it is possible to consider options of transformation of an interior by means of wall-paper which the cat will not be able just to damage. One of the most budgetary options are cullets. It is simple to glue them, only glue with a special formula, capable to keep covering weight will be required.

After processing of a wall waterproof akrilata the pet will lose to it interest. Indisputable advantage of cullets consists also that they can be washed and recoloured without effort.


in each room

One of the simplest options of protection of wall-paper against domestic cats is installation когтеточек in each room. If the cat already began to spoil walls, he will not be able independently to switch to a kogtetochka. It is necessary to prove to an animal that replacement is equivalent.

For a start the kogtetochka should be established on that wall which the pet scratches especially often. It is necessary to take a cat for a paw and several times accurately to carry out on a kogtetochka surface. When the pet independently chooses a kogtetochka instead of a wall, it is necessary to praise him and to treat with tasty food.

If the cat spoils walls in a certain place and flatly refuses a kogtetochka, it is necessary to try to simulate a similar surface on stock — to paste a piece of just the same wall-paper. And still it is possible to attach a toy which the pet will need to reach to kogtetochka top, then process of training will turn into an interesting game.

If all ways are tried, and the pet all the same tears up wall-paper, it is possible to resort to radical measures — to get silicone overlays for claws. They cost not much, are put on easily and do not cause discomfort to an animal, at the same time depriving of it an opportunity to spoil property of owners and to be scratched.

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