• Oct 27, 2019

of the Cat very much like to hide in a lodge – in a box, under a blanket, behind a curtain therefore for, comfortable stay, the full-fledged certain dwelling will not prevent the pet. In shop special cat's houses cost much, and in house conditions it can be made of improvised materials, and is not worse at all moreover and to save the ave. it. From this article you learn about the best options of production of a self-made lodge for the fluffy pet.

From a box

How to save and make a cool lodge for a cat with own hands: 5 best ideas

If you bought the microwave or something similar approximately same size recently, then do not throw out a box – make of it a lodge for a cat. It is possible to make a cat's lodge of a box as follows:

  1. To clean a box from labels and pollution if are available.
  2. To make compasses a marking for an entrance and to cut out an opening on a contour. The size of an opening has to correspond to the size of a cat that it could come without problems there.
  3. To paste water-repellent material on internal walls that cardboard did not dampen over time.
  4. To fix all walls of a box by an adhesive tape that it did not collapse from movements of a cat.
  5. To cut out the pieces of a carpet corresponding to the sizes of walls and one as a laying in a lodge and then to paste. Joints of a carpet can be sewed thick threads.
  6. To leave a lodge for 2-3 days near the battery or in the sun that it dried out, and then you can start a cat there.

From foam rubber

How to save and make a cool lodge for a cat with own hands: 5 best ideas

For creation of a soft and cozy lodge for the favourite cat it is possible to use foam rubber, fabric and sewing accessories. It is possible to make such dwelling for a cat so:

  1. To prepare curves – to calculate the sizes of a lodge and to draw samples on paper. It is necessary to make a floor and two walls, by the principle of a tent.
  2. To lead round them on fabric and foam rubber, and then to cut out on a contour. Under one curve it is necessary to lead round, and then to cut out a piece of foam rubber and two rags of fabric. It is worth to remember also about a stock in 1.5 cm on fabric from each party that then it was possible to sew it.
  3. To put details a pile, shifting so: foam rubber, from above fabric person up, and then rag facedown.
  4. To stitch all edges of fabric on the machine or manually, except lower which will serve as a floor.
  5. To turn out details so that a front part of fabric appeared outside, and the house got the necessary form, to iron corners the iron.
  6. To close up the remained seams on the lower part of a lodge.

the High house for a cat

How to save and make a cool lodge for a cat with own hands: 5 best ideas

It is possible to make the high cat's house by the principle of a city high-rise building in which several cats are capable to take place. The simple option can be made so:

  1. To take several boxes, to make in them an opening for an entrance.
  2. To put them a pyramid, coating surfaces with glue to fasten them among themselves.
  3. To place this multilevel house between a wall and a case that it was steadier.

The reliable lodge, for example, from 3 floors which can stand without support in the form of a case can be collected as follows:

  1. To prepare drevostruzhechny plates, proceeding from the desirable number of floors. The 3-storey lodge is necessary 16 plates of square shape where length of each party is equal to 50 cm
  2. In three plates to do an entrance window for a cat.
  3. To collect the first square, twisting plates furniture corners and self-tapping screws, and to attach a front wall with a window loops and to make a latch that it was possible to open sometimes it and to clean lodges from wool or pieces of food which pets sometimes wear out in a lodge.
  4. To fix in the same way other two floors.
  5. To make props for a high lodge of water thin plastic pipes, previously having wound them with a twine that they could serve as a kogtetochka. Pipes need to be attached furniture corners on both sides of the building.
  6. That the cat could get into lodges on the top floors, it is possible to put a chair nearby or to equip a ladder. It is made of wooden plates (for steps) and two long boards (for side support). It is possible to connect them long screws, and after a ready ladder to attach in an interval between the second and third floor furniture couplers.
  7. In each lodge it is necessary to put a soft laying, for example, from a piece of a carpet.

the Lodge from an old t-shirt

How to save and make a cool lodge for a cat with own hands: 5 best ideas

Everyone will have an old t-shirt for which it is not a pity and it is possible to use at production of a lodge. It is possible to make the dwelling for a cat of a t-shirt as follows:

  1. To take a box from small household appliances and to cut through in it a window for a cat.
  2. To pull a t-shirt on a box so that the throat appeared on the place of the cut-out window.
  3. Fill sleeves inside, and turn in a bottom of an undershirt under a box and connect them pins.
  4. In a lodge put any soft laying.

From an old suitcase

How to save and make a cool lodge for a cat with own hands: 5 best ideas

The suitcase will also be suitable for production of a cat's lodge:

  1. To remove the top cover of a suitcase.
  2. To paint a suitcase outside from a barrel in any color (if desired).
  3. To sew a cover for a suitcase and to fill it sintepon or similar filler.
  4. To attach from below wooden legs if such remained from old furniture or just to put a suitcase without them.

The cat will be glad to such stove bench.

Most of people perceives cats as full members of family, it in to whom house has to be comfortable. It is for this purpose rather good to feed the pet, to love him and also to give him an opportunity to live in own cozy lodge.

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