• Sep 16, 2019
Many are convinced by

that cats do not give in to education and the more so training . However this delusion. A cat it is possible to bring up and even to train in tricks. For example, to teach to give a paw. How to teach a cat to give a paw?

 the Red cat gives a photo paw

Photo: rd.com

Stock up with delicacies

First of all, you need a lot of small cut pieces of favourite delicacy of a cat. It is important that it was something that the murlyka does not receive as "usual" food, but to death loves. Tell "Dai a paw!" also touch a pad of a cat, at once after that having treated her with a tidbit. So many time is important to do it (let and not for one "prisest") how many it is necessary for a cat to understand: behind the words "Dai Paw!" you will touch a pad and by all means something will follow very much tasty.

At the following stage you sit down before a cat, speak gently: "Dai paw!", you touch a pad and for a moment you take it in a hand. At once after that you give to a cat delicacy and you praise.

Is important that "lessons" were not tightened: if the cat is tired or will bother her, you will impart her only disgust for occupations.

Encourage an initiative of a cat

When you will understand that the cat acquired a problem of the previous level, complicate process. Sit down opposite to a cat, clamp delicacy between fingers, bring a hand (with delicacy) to a cat and say "Dai a paw!"

Perhaps, you will notice only the easy movement of a cat's paw towards your hand. Praise a murlyka, treat it and continue training, encouraging the increasing movement of a cat's pad to your palm.

Soon you will see that a cat, having caught the phrase turned to her "Dai a paw!" will reach a pad for your palm. Praise your moustached genius!

After that wait until the cat touches by a pad of your palm, and give delicacy only after that.

Photo: google.by

Practice skill at different times in different places, but be not overzealous.

Other ways to train a cat to give a paw

There are also other ways to teach a cat to give a paw.

For example, you can after the words "Dai Paw!" from the first stage take a pad of a cat in a palm and at this moment to give delicacy from other hand.

It is possible to accustom a cat to a clicker and then to use click of a clicker for designation of the correct actions (for example, having waited for the moment when the cat raises a pad, then will stretch it in your party, etc.). And then already to enter the team "Dai Paw!"

It is possible to touch a pad from outside the Piglet and to praise a cat when it raises a pad, and then – for what stretches a pad to you.

It is possible to clamp delicacy in a fist, to wait until the cat tries "to pick out" it a pad and to encourage for it. Then we take delicacy in other hand and we encourage a cat for the fact that she touches a pad an empty palm.

And still you can think up own method to teach a cat to give a paw and to share it with us!

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