• Jan 13, 2020

Sometimes owners think of tonsuring a Maine Coon. In what cases it is worth doing it and how to tonsure a Maine Coon in house conditions? Or it is better to address professional groomers?

 Kot of breed Maine Coon of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: flickr.com

Maine Coon Hairstyle: pros and cons

A hairstyle of Maine Coons, especially in house conditions – a controversial issue. Also there are pros and cons of a hairstyle of a Maine Coon both in house conditions, and in grumersky salons.

In the beginning we will stop on why you should not cut a Maine Coon in house conditions:

  1. After a hairstyle hair of a Maine Coon changes structure: becomes wadded, so, koltuna are more often formed.
  2. the Hairstyle of a Maine Coon is an invariable stress, and the good motive is necessary to subject the pet to a stress.
  3. thermal control Violation. Hair of a Maine Coon protects a cat both from cold, and from a heat. And the short-haired Maine Coon risks to catch heatstroke.
  4. perception Violation, on all body of a Maine Coon hairs antennas which provide information on the environment grow. As a result of a hairstyle the cat does not feel own dimensions and also manifestations of problem behavior are observed (for example, a toilet by a tray).

In what cases it is possible to cut a Maine Coon:

  1. the exhibition is necessary to you, and the exhibition grooming of a Maine Coon is necessary.
  2. It was formed колтун which needs to be cut out.

Step-by-step description of preparation for a hairstyle of Maine Coons

If you decided that nevertheless not to do without Maine Coon hairstyle, it is necessary to be prepared that the hairstyle of a Maine Coon was painless as much as possible. What steps are included by preparation for a Maine Coon hairstyle?

  1. Careful washing. Consider that the shower will not be able well to wet a Maine Coon underfur therefore prepare a bathtub or a big basin. Protect ears and eyes from water ingress.
  2. Dry up a Maine Coon, having wrapped him in a towel or having used the hair dryer. Dry a Maine Coon on the wool growth course.
  3. Comb each site of wool, sort koltuna or cut.
  4. Only when Maine Coon hair completely will dry, it can be cut.
 Grey Maine Coon of a photo

On a photo: cat of breed Maine Coon. Photo: google.by

Exhibition grooming of Maine Coons

Natural beauty of a Maine Coon is worth a lot, however there are cunnings of an exhibition grooming of Maine Coons allowing to show to the pet to the most best advantage.

For example, you can use the painting shampoo which will give to wool the necessary shade.

The correct hairstyle of a Maine Coon is impossible without thinning and usual shears. Brushes on ears and a tail are not cut. And anyway the you shear less wool, the better.

Powder gives to Maine Coon hair a luster and volume.

Professional groomers thin out wool around a mouth of a Maine Coon, creating well-known "smile".

a Maine Coon Hairstyle in house conditions

The Maine Coon hairstyle in house conditions is possible only in case there is an imperative need.

As a rule, cut Maine Coons because of koltun, however it is simpler not to allow them, correctly looking after the pet's wool, than to subject a cat to a stress from excess and not too useful procedure.

Surely disinfect scissors which you are going to cut a Maine Coon in house conditions.

a Maine Coon Grooming in salon

Some owners address professional groomers in salon to put Maine Coon hair in order. It is very important to choose the experienced groomer with positive reviews.

Consider that in some salons the grooming of a Maine Coon is made under anesthetic. And the anesthesia for these cats – big risk and definitely does not do well to health. Whether it is necessary to do it, to solve to you, but surely weigh all pros and cons.

Sometimes cats are fixed, but it causes in them a stress and too does not pass completely – the truth, already for psychological wellbeing.

Consequences of a bad hairstyle of a Maine Coon

Before deciding on a hairstyle, surely consider that the bad hairstyle of a Maine Coon is fraught with a set of consequences. For example, allergic reactions meet, skin diseases develop, the structure of wool (becomes softer and thinner, a huge number of koltun appears) changes, and subsequently care of it becomes more problematic.

To cut or not to cut a Maine Coon – to solve to the owner. However owner liability – to make the considered decision taking into account wellbeing of the pet.

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