• Sep 25, 2019

the Old age of a cat – care of her owners, with age is required to it more leaving. To define that your cat began to grow old to provide her due consideration, it is possible on certain signs.

How to Understand that Your Cat Grows Old

At what age of a cat begin to grow old

On average cats live 12-14 years, but there are those which reach age of 22-25 years.

Usually cats belong to the category elderly from 7 years. And it is not always possible to define whether there will come the old age soon or it already proceeds. The animal can grow old for few months, and maybe for several years – everything is individual.

Signs of aging

Cats grow old differently. But there are main signs by which it is possible to determine, the old age at a cat began or not. If this time has come, then the prevailing part of the list has to coincide with a condition of your cat.

Activity level:

  • minimum mobility;
  • slow movement;
  • reduction of quantity of jumps;
  • the held-down movements, lack of smoothness of movements;
  • prevalence of a dream.


  • strongly wool, bald spots drops out;
  • koltuna;
  • lack of gloss and luster of wool.

State of health:

  • a loss of appetite (some of the reasons – loss of taste and sense of smell);
  • the complicated movement and orientation in space (the possible reasons – deterioration in hearing and sight, a disease of bones and joints). Hearing can be lost because of plentiful production of sulfur at a cat;
  • sloyeniye of claws;
  • susceptibility to chronic and infectious diseases;
  • diseases of internals (weakening of functions of a liver, glands, hearts);
  • locks.

Condition of mentality:

  • lack of contact between the pet and the owner;
  • care and fearfulness in behavior;
  • aggression and irritability or tenderness and caress (depending on initial character and behavior of a cat).

of Feature of care of elderly cats

These actions of you will help your cat to come to a worthy and happy old age:

  • time in half a year visit the veterinarian. If there were any suspicions of diseases, then at once carry a cat to clinic;
  • you perform house inspections of an animal several times a week – check weight and you watch a physical state;
  • look after wool every day – accurately comb out hairs a hairbrush or a brush and you carry out on on wool by a little damp special mitten. If koltuna were formed, then make a hairstyle;
  • cut 1 time in 2 weeks claws to an animal if though once there were problems with them. Owners of such breeds as Persians, ekzota, Scots and the British, pay on it special attention;
  • regularly and accurately you clean ears;
  • process a cat from fleas and helminths;
  • you feed fully and it is balanced by food of room temperature;
  • in case of lack of appetite use moderately nutritional supplements (juice of anchovies, a tuna, sardines), a forage with the increased aroma;
  • provide to a cat continuous access to clear water;
  • you watch regularity of excrements, if necessary stimulating timely defecation – in it malt-paste, vaseline oil, Duphalac will help. Organize a special diet with high content of cellulose;
  • establish a readily available tray if the house big, then a little in different rooms;
  • organize a comfortable, quiet and safe corner for a dream, for example, a lodge on the lower tier, at an opportunity isolating from other pets and small children;
  • keep the habitual schedule of life of a cat;
  • try to play with it by means of a laser pointer, a rod with feathers or a usual bow on a thread – it needs the movement;
  • show the attachment – stroke, scratch.

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