• Oct 2, 2019
Is interesting to

what paw your cat – left or right washes? If left, then she is, most likely, a lefthander and if right … it is right — the right-handed person! Unexpectedly? And you know that unruly scientists of all cats divided into "left armed" and "right armed"? Read about it in our material.

How to Understand that Your Cat the Lefthander

the Research of scientists from the Royal University of Belfast

Scientists from Northern Ireland Deborah Wells and Sara Millsopp (The royal university of Belfast) experimentally came to a conclusion that domestic cats, as well as people, can be "right-handed persons" and "lefthanders" — it depends on a "working" paw. This extremity the animal as a rule takes the first step during descent from steps or clings delicacy. It beats off the rival also dominating paw.

Researchers chose 42 pets as of both sexes and asked owners to carry out a number of daily exercises at home — for purity of an experiment not to confuse animals with laboratory conditions. Scientists analysed all results. Every day cats and cats mastered three game tasks:

  1. At first from a narrow jug in which there did not pass the head animals should "get" a portion of a tuna. As a tackle they used a sharp-clawed paw.
  2. Then they were teased with the rag mouse hanging over a cat's muzzle. The cat was enough a toy and what paw — observers fixed.
  3. Finally the same mouse was pulled ahead of a cat, he rushed on "production", and data went to the file again.

Thus, each experimental cat performed about one hundred tasks. Results showed that animals could hunt "mouse" both pads, and "fished" constantly same "hand". Deborah explained such distinctions with complexity of each task and speed of reaction: instant is necessary for hunting, and slow – for fishing.

Scientists noticed also other regularity: animals differently got fish. Cats acted with the right paw, cats – left. Deborah commented on distinction: what paw is a worker, depends on sex of an animal. This fact coincided with observations concerning other animal species and even people: lefthanders meet among men's individuals more often, and right-handed persons – among women's. Biologists wrote off such behavior for prevalence of hormone of testosterone.

If to distract a little from a subject left and right at cat's and to address researches concerning people, then here scientists revealed that dominating can be not only the hand, but also a leg, an eye, and even an ear! Statistics shows that about 40% of people listen the left ear, 30% look the left eye and 20% walk the left leg. Perhaps, as cats same, but so far it is difficult to confirm or disprove it.

In what differences between lefthanders and right-handed persons? First of all in work of a brain! All explanations come down to the fact that the right extremity is controlled by the left hemisphere and allocates the owner with logic and judiciousness, and the left extremity is under control of the right hemisphere of a brain — brighter creative abilities are connected with it. Therefore it is possible to consider that cats — pragmatists, and cats — dreamers!

Interesting fact: one more scientist from Belfast Peter Hepper found out in the researches that even the embryo developing in a maternal belly already at early stages is a lefthander or the right-handed person! On observations, 9 of 10 embryos give preference to a thumb of the right hand – thrust it into a mouth and smack the lips!

And at last how to define, the lefthander or the right-handed person your cat? Doctor Wells suggests to make the same experiment in house conditions as in Belfast — to carry out the same exercises within several days, to watch the pet and to write down what of pads it the first uses.

How to define, the right-handed person a cat or the lefthander

The Internet developed a subject and suggests to make the experiments:

  1. With a hollow cardboard tube and delicacy inside: it is necessary to move away her under a bed and to look how the animal will act. If the cat gets yum-yum from there the left paw, then who is he? Correctly – a left armed gourmet!
  2. With a glass jar and sausage: experience by analogy with a tuna in a jug. Results same — that paw that succeeded, and will define the right-handed person or the lefthander in your cat.
  3. Here know-how: put on a window phone with record of cat's miaow and observe what ear the cat will begin to listen. If left – it at you the lefthander, and vice versa. It is the defining factor too.

Why we need to know all this, you ask? Scientists do not give definite answer — they refer to an opportunity to reduce the level of a stress of an animal if the owner foreknows that the pet – vulnerable nature. But researches concerning other animal species — a kangaroo, a chimpanzee, parrots, pigeons, whales and even bees are already conducted. Lefthanders and right-handed persons are revealed everywhere. In line horses and dogs. The science is formed on inquisitiveness — perhaps, the following opening will surprise all of us!

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