• Dec 12, 2019

the Cat – an animal proud and independent. Unlike dogs, it not so obviously expresses the love and devotion to the owner. At each cat the character, habits and a manner of behavior therefore also they show sympathy for the person differently. Sometimes even the most hooligan tricks can speak about love. Let's consider how after all to distinguish whether the cat shows arrangement to the person.

How to Understand, Who in Family Most of All Is Loved by a Cat

Fills up only near the one to whom it trusts

In the afternoon the cat can usually behave. To communicate with all family members or to ignore, standing on the independent hind legs. But with nightfall it comes to you to a bed, is turned by a ball nearby or stretches in all length. You will not put wild cat's instincts anywhere therefore she chooses the place for a dream as safe and quiet. Even if the cat knows each corner in the apartment, a dream near you – confidence that nothing threatens it.

Sits down on knees and purrs

Purring can be a greeting, a request, sign of pleasure and even entreaty therefore the cat can purr not only for expression of friendliness, but also at a disease, wound, at the time of delivery. Tonality of purring every time different. If the cat sits at you on a lap, and the sound made by him – deep and saturated, then be sure, the animal makes a declaration of love to you.

appreciation Signals

Long and the stare is perceived by cats as threat. They come into direct visual contact only with the one to whom trust and well know. If it is followed by blinking or a prishchurivaniye of eyes, know that it was a peculiar kiss from your pet.

The owner uses huge privilege at a cat if it rubs about him the head or butts. These actions – transfer of pheromones which are allocated with a muzzle, and speak about expression by a cat of the trust and a sense of security.


Cats at heart hunters. Therefore they with pleasure run behind toys, a spark of a laser pointer, birds and rodents on the street. If you found such "gift" on a porch of the house, know that the animal expresses the gratitude for attention and care. The cat should be praised for generosity, otherwise she can take offense.

In the conditions of the apartment to hunt there is nobody. Therefore if during the game the cat bites you, scratches, bears the toys or improvises hunting, it does not mean aggression. The pet completely trusts you and supports it with "trophies" as a sign of firm friendship.

Melancholy in separation

Cats not so obviously show the feelings as dogs, but miss in separation from the owner and are anxious at all not less. If the owner leaves for a long time and leaves a cat under supervision of other person, the pet can become sluggish, to be interested in nothing, to refuse food or to sit for hours before a door waiting for the person.

Allows to iron a tummy

This signal says not only about what the cat very much loves when to her scratch a tum, but also full confidence and love to you. As the stomach – the most weak spot and during attack of other predators is protected the same as eyes and a neck, the cat just like that will not open for the foreign or causing concerns person the stomach and will not allow to stroke. When the pet is sure that you do not do him harm, and wishes to show the love and trust, he lays down on a back before you and does not run away at contact with a hand.

And nevertheless love of cats same strong, as well as love of dogs. Do not forget that they too strong become attached to the person.

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