• Nov 21, 2019

of the Cat do not love water. The procedure of bathing causes in them furious resistance. They are scratched, bite, trying to escape from a bathtub.

But to wash the fluffy favourite that at the same time nobody suffered, it is not difficult at all.

How to wash a cat that nobody suffered: effective ways

Manicure and a pedicure before bathing

Before bringing a cat to the bathroom and to begin to wash, make to him manicure and a pedicure. Cut claws will not do special harm to your hands.

Carry out the procedure in a quiet, benevolent situation. Caress, you praise it. For a start examine claws and in the presence of dirt get rid of it. Do not cut too deeply not to do much harm to the favourite. Round the cut edges a nail file.

Comfortable water temperature

Body temperature of a cat is 38-39 degrees. Too hot or cold water can frighten her. Check that temperature was in these limits. The animal will quicker reconcile to bathing if to it it is warm and comfortable. Cold or heat should not irritate and bring unpleasant feelings.

should not pour a full bathtub (basin). It will frighten a cat. Level has to reach her stomach.


to Involve the assistant

Be ready that a cat it will not become quiet to stand in a bathtub and to wait when he is washed. Desperately resisting, the animal will try to run away.

That bathing took place quickly and safely for all participants, involve the assistant. One more pair of hands is useful to hold a cat or to soap and water. Together you will cope quicker.

Elect the assistant from friends or family members. The cat has to treat kindly this person, trust it. If he sees that it is held by the stranger, panic will amplify.

the Distracting maneuvers

Interest a cat, having thrown several rubber or plastic toys into a bathtub. The passion of the hunter will distract the pet from the unpleasant procedure. Having been engaged in a game, the cat will also not notice how he will become clean.

As the distracting maneuvers the laser pointer, a toy on a thread can serve. You drive them near it, but it is not too diligent. Your task – to distract attention of the pet, but not to force it to jump on all bathtub.

not to pour water into ears

The water which got into ears can do harm to health of a cat. The majority of animals instinctively protect the head and ears from moisture. And if to water the pet's head, he will begin the real panic. Try not to be overzealous. If not to do without it in any way, wash the head on a minimum.

Some owners during bathing put on the head of a cat a special polyethylene hat on an elastic band. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to yours, but is capable to secure its ears against moisture hit.

to Watch intonation at a conversation

Talk with a cat by a tender voice and as much as possible. He has to realize that you love it, and this awful procedure not punishment. You praise it for patience, explain need of washing, tell what it will become clean and fluffy. Let him do not understand sense of words, but the benevolent intonation will pacify and will calm him.

If you begin to shout at a cat, to show discontent him with behavior, to be nervous, then it will even more frighten the pet. He will decide that the danger is so high that the only exit – to scratch the owner, to escape and flee the scene.

of Stroking

Do not forget also about stroking. Tender hands which not only pour this opposite, dangerous water but also soothingly iron, will pacify a cat, will give a sense of security. Stroking causes trust. The cat will understand that you will not heat him and to torment as he could assume with a fright.

Right after washing wrap up the suffered much pet in a warm towel, let's dry and treat with favourite delicacy. It at you the good fellow and the handsome man. And you patient and careful owner.

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