• Apr 28, 2019

of the Cat like to wash. Their aspiration to purity is a fact of common knowledge. Not all know why it is important to cat to lick himself, but hygienic aspects and the psychological reasons of this phenomenon deserve attention. Many noticed that by means of such procedure the animal strives not only for purity, but also for composure.

Hygienic Aspects — why It Is Important to Cat to Lick Himself

Hygienic aspects

The most obvious aim which is pursued by an animal, carefully licking wool, is an elimination of pollution. The surface of cat's language is covered with a huge number of the capillary nipples having hook-shaped the form. They also promote effective removal of dirt from wool, dust particles, the dying-off hairs.

Why It Is Important to Cat to Lick Himself

One more objectives which are achieved by an animal thus are a protection of wool against moisture. Carefully licking each hair, the fluffy pet distributes on them special substance of the fatty nature — a peculiar water-repellent lubricant.

In cold season as a result of licking wool of the fluffy pet becomes more volume. It is necessary for heat preservation during the winter period.

a result of systematic "washings" becomes in the Summer filaments, skintight to skin, that protects an organism of a cat from a heat.

skin parasites can become Prichina of excessively frequent hygienic procedures also. The behavior of the cat suffering from such problem changes: washings become more frequent, and the animal quite often long to linger on the same part of the body and comes back to it.

Having noticed such behavioural features, it is necessary to study carefully the pet's wool regarding existence of insects and to show to the veterinarian for an exception of skin diseases.

Psychological aspect of a question

It is important to animal to keep own smell. To it regular licking of all body from legs to the head helps to achieve these objectives. Because of it representatives of the cat family seek to wash after every time when they are stroked.

Is noticed that licking from legs to the head calms an animal, helps to leave from a stress.


Therefore the fluffy pet begins to wash after each action concerning him:

  • visit of the veterinarian;
  • emergence in the house of guests;
  • travel to the dacha and back.

Licking of wool with the subsequent transition on people around that is noticed for the pets by some fans of cats, is an element of social behavior which is characteristic of many gregarious animals.

In pack such behavior has not only the hygienic, but also training character: kittens gradually adopt such line of conduct.

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