• Sep 19, 2019
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a belief For a long time that affairs will go unsuccessfully if the black cat steals a march. Even the people who are skeptical about signs think of it. But not everything is so bad.

If the black cat crosses the road: whether so everything is bad how we got used to think

Why a black cat on our way became the embodiment of failures

This belief very old. In the ancient time believed that sorcerers and witches for commission of own ceremonies could turn into a black cat. If such animal crosses to someone the road, it as if will cross out the way planned by the person. And if the traveler is an animal will meet on the road at night, he will get sick soon or will even die.

To ward off a disaster, the person three times had to touch wood. Some did a fig in a pocket or held a button.

At all times this animal was allocated with supernatural abilities:

  • in Ancient Egypt the cat of color of night was considered as a joy symbol. If such animal stole a march, the person was expected by quite good day;
  • at Slavs it was identified with the devil who tried to intimidate travelers and to bring down them from the planned way, to entice into the swamp and to drown.

The orthodox church considered a black cat servants of a devil.

However you should not panic at once

Not always the sign about the black cat who appeared on the way bears an evil omen. It is necessary to notice in what direction the animal, and towards to whom crosses the road.

Signs for women and men foretell different events:

  • the woman the black cat crossed the road from right to left – there will be misfortune, an unpleasant case or a trouble. Whereas for men it predicts improvement of a financial state;
  • the girl saw that the cat ran across her a way from left to right – she will be raised on service or there will be financial profit. Whereas for men it is a bad omen – the series of failures will soon begin.

There is an opinion that the animal as if sees the failure which hung over the person. When it crosses before it the road, warns that in that direction did not go, there will be nothing good. That is the cat is the creation caring for the person. She can warn about undesirable events in advance.

On other signs when the black cat crossed the road from left to right, in human life there will be it does not matter, and good luck.

How to neutralize negative impact of a bad sign

The simplest way to be protected from problems after the meeting with a black cat return home or the choice of other road is considered. But there is still a method. Suits those who not too hurry. It is possible to wait the passerby or the moving car and to pass them forward itself. It is desirable that the going person was an opposite sex.

If a cat ran across a way in the undesirable direction, that is from right to left, it is possible to hold protective rituals and to walk further:

  • to pass a road piece "back to front". Thus the evil spirit will be intimidated and the person will remain in safety;
  • to cross average and index fingers on both hands. The cross is strong means in fight against evil spirits at all times;
  • to surpass three times through the left shoulder and to turn by 360 degrees. In this way it will turn out to deceive the devil who will decide that the person decided not to go on the "closed" way.

After performance of any action it is possible to continue the way quietly. But it is not necessary to offend the fluffy who stole a march. He only warns the person about danger.

Besides, for a long time it is considered a good belief if the black cat lives in the house. She in it the full-fledged hostess also protects the dwelling from a malefice and damage. The black cat preserves health of members of household and attracts money to the house. The pet has unique ability to absorb in himself all negative energy of the house in which lives.

It is not necessary to expect bad events if the black cat crosses the road. Especially in the direction from left to right. In this case day will be successful. If nevertheless there are fears that there will be something bad, it is necessary to do the listed above rituals and not to worry that day will pass in vain.

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