• Feb 13, 2019

Each child says this phrase sooner or later: "I want a kitten, a shchenochka, a hamster …", etc. Parents, as a rule, agree and buy – let the child will be glad, the kitten, a puppy, a hamster are better than a toy, he is living.

But not all imagine that such small fluffy lump bears with itself not only joy, but such quality as responsibility also is applied to it. "We always are responsible for those whom we tame" – this phrase is familiar to all since the childhood, but not all understand and how it to be responsible?

If the Child Wants a Kitten

Any pet demands to itself a responsible attitude. The choice of an optimum forage, care of appearance, security measures, inoculations, prevention of diseases – all this you receive complete with a little "mimishny" small animal, and you should do all this within 10-20 next years.

Parents often speak to the child: "Now you about him will care and be responsible for him". But it is better to understand for himself at once that the child simply will not be able to undertake all package of measures for care of a pet, so, parents should undertake all the rest. And it is better for to ask a question at once before you promise to buy a puppy or a kitten – whether you are ready to it? Do you have time, forces for such care whether your family budget will sustain new item of expenditure? If your pet gets sick, you will have means for its treatment? And for operation?

Unfortunately, not everyone asks themselves such questions. And very often bought on joy to children, the kitten or a puppy is then too laid on and not necessary. Or the child does not cope with responsibility conferred on him, and parents in the educational purposes get rid of a small animal who brings more problems, than pleasures. At the same time very few people think that he teaches, thus, the child of irresponsibility.

If the Child Wants a Kitten

As a result, the unnecessary kitten / puppy at best to someone is regifted, and in the worst – is on street. And such cases majority. In each city not hundreds, but thousands and tens of thousands of pets who are thrown out on the street. And the reason of it is our irresponsibility.

the Pet in the house – not a toy. This is actually the same child. He needs to be fed – and not than got, and it is correct that with food he received both vitamins, and minerals that food was not too fat that in it there were no spices, salt and sugar.

If this natural food, then in it there have to be meat/cereals/vegetables. If it is a dry feed, then not the first comer, and with good structure, without excess or harmful additives. And it is necessary to buy such forage not in hypermarket, and in specialized pet-shop. At selection of a forage or natural food it is necessary to pay attention to three things: what chair at your pet, what wool and what teeth. At healthy nutrition wool will shine, teeth will be white, and the chair will be firm, regular and on volume is 1.5-2 times less, than quantity of the eaten forage (a sure sign that food is well acquired by an organism).

Also as the child, your pet needs inoculations, glistogonny medicines, check of health by means of testing of blood and urine. Unlike the child, it will not tell where it hurts it. And you learn about it only when pain becomes very strong. Care of appearance is also necessary. To accurately clean ears, eyes, to comb out down, to cut off koltuna, to bathe and dry up, cut claws – all this your pet will not be able to make.

If the Child Wants a Kitten

And still the pet is a care of his posterity. Or about that it was not. The homeless "besporodik" in any city are born much, the offer exceeds demand in tens of times. Therefore the responsible person has to take care of that his pet did not breed uncontrolledly. In case of lack of pedigree value it is the most reasonable to sterilize/castrate the pet, it can be done in 7-9 months. Both at you, and at your favourite all problems connected with the sphere of reproduction will disappear at once.

Animals often run away on walks, either fall out in windows or fall from balconies. Therefore our responsibility – to walk a dog on a lead, and on windows to put grids of Antikoshk to prevent falling from a window, it can end with a lethal outcome.

And, of course, any pet, a kitten or a puppy, it is necessary to bring up. As well as child.
Therefore if you and your family are not ready to undertake all package of measures for care of a pet – you should not get it. It will be better to explain to the child why you will not make it, than to follow his tastes. Such act will be more responsible for you and will teach your child to responsibility rather, than a quick and rash decision to buy a puppy/kitten whom you are not ready to contain and bring up.

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