• Apr 3, 2019

As well as at people, a pose in a dream can tell a lot of things about mood of your cat, about how she feels and whether quietly in general is to it together with you.

Having been curtailed in a ball

If the cat sleeps, having curled up in a cozy ball, and this pose is the most widespread, it means that to it, most likely, it is quiet and good.

However there is also a nuance: if earlier the cat slept, for example, having stretched, and now suddenly began to be displaced in a ball in a dream, it means that your attention began not to be enough for her, she feels discomfort.

Having covered a nose with a hand

It will be cold. Cats are famous for the ability to have a presentiment of weather, and it for certain expects cold weather.

Having stretched

A stomach – the most weak spot at a cat. She will cover it if feels that something is wrong. And here if she was extended, having opened a stomach, the cat obviously does not expect any dirty trick. She is happy and quiet.

Having drawn in paws

Noticed that the cat sleeps sitting, drawing in paws on itself? For certain something disturbs your kitty. Pay attention to a house situation. Whether everything at you is good? Whether there are no problems in relationship with someone from family members?

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