• Jan 9, 2020

Many owners of cats note that their pets can look fixedly and for a long time in the face. To it there is a variety of reasons.

The Cat Put a Muzzle on a Table and Stares

Wants to eat

Long observation of the person can speak about the vpolena to the banal reason: the canine friend just wants to eat. The hungry cat at the same time looks helplessly, plaintively mews. Having fed the pet, the owner will calm him.


Sometimes cats long look in one point. So the animal is going to attack. If the favourite does not even blink, he is precisely angered. So he tries to tell: "I threaten you". Usually aggression is directed to animals, but, living long time with the owner, the cat perceives it similar with whom he has the right to be angry too.

Who in the house the owner

A game "in glyadelka" in some slucha means that the four-footed family member tries to find out who in the house main. Usually so only the appeared pets behave. They determine by the stare the most powerful family member. Proceeding from it build own line of conduct.

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Wants to take away in the other world

Cats are mysterious beings, from them blows as mysticism. People who understand magic, are convinced that eyes of these pets – a mirror. If in them to watch long time, there is an opportunity to affect events which have to take place in the future.

In ancient beliefs was considered that in cats demons are sometimes installed. If long to look them in the face, then the demon is capable to move in the person.

Mute reproach

The offended favourite shows discontent with a long look in which the mute reproach is read. If the day before the owner abused her, forgot to feed, does not play or does not pay attention, that is the sense to prepare for a long look of reproach from an animal.

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Declaration of love

Tender and quiet creations at heart express sincere love by means of a look. They look at the person, without coming off, thereby wish "to state" sincere devotion and tender feelings. When at the same time the cat still slowly blinks, such look can be compared to a kiss.

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