• Sep 23, 2019

So far the population of Russia argues on pension reform and expects when it turns out to receive a treasured rank of "pensioner", in some countries pension payments along with residents of the country receive also cats.

In What Country Cats Officially Receive Pension

The Austrians became pioneers in this area: they the first entered official grants to dumb animals to emphasize their importance and the importance.

Pension is put not by everything to cats at all as you could think but only that who works at granaries, in food warehouses and the museums where presence of cat's is dictated by need to protect grain, books and other values which can suffer from attacks of rodents and similar dangerous wreckers. All this is caused by the fact that cats help to avoid an enormous loss – researchers established that work of one cat keeps up to ten tons of grain a year and helps to save food resources of the country from destruction.

To retire, cats need not only to work several years on advantage of the state, but also to reach age of ten years. From this point the cat can apply for a lifelong allowance which he can receive at any time.

Cat's pension is not monetary payments which for the pet will be received by his owner, and the free food including meat, milk and broth. Besides, cats receive discounts for any goods in pet-shops and privileges for visit of veterinarians.

Besides Austria, cats work in Great Britain. There they protect the museums, preserving books and other cultural values of the United Kingdom. Moustached workers are registered as well in post offices of the Foggy Albion – the first worker cat appeared there more than 130 years ago.

In Austria and Great Britain cats are put in one row with other workers, their activity work of other employees at the plants and in the museums has just the same value, as, and encourage them as well as the others.

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