• Apr 4, 2019

Planning to receive posterity from the pet, manufacturers put to an animal all necessary inoculations and will organize knitting with the suitable partner.

The infertility reasons at cats and dogs: 7 most widespread factors

But happens that after several pairings long-awaited pregnancy does not occur.

Experts allocate 7 common causes of infertility at cats and dogs at whom there can be difficulties with conception.

Lack of posterity at a female can demonstrate existence of problems with health.

Most often infertility arises for the following reasons:

The Infertility Reasons at Cats and Dogs

 infertility at cats

  1. Time, improper for knitting. At cultivation of dogs should consider physiology of an animal . The ovulation can come in 1−3 weeks after a techka. To define what days are the most suitable for fertilization, the veterinarian, by capture of blood test and dab from a vagina can. At cats the ovulation occurs at the time of pairing therefore for them this problem is irrelevant.
  2. the Follicle is not broken off . The total absence of an ovulation is observed against the background of decrease in production of lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone or receptor violations.
  3. Pathologies of reproductive organs. If functioning of ovaries is broken, fertilization happens, but the embryo perishes practically at once.
  4. of the Infection of a genital tract . Having faced viruses, the fruit perishes. At the same time spontaneous termination of pregnancy on early terms can remain the unnoticed owner.
  5. Poor quality of sperm. Health of producers needs to be checked regularly by full inspection and delivery of a seed for the analysis.
  6. Hormonal failure . In this case the expert appoints the medicines controlling a hormonal background of an animal.
  7. The hems which remained after unsuccessfully made surgical intervention, or a new growth in a uterus.

the Majority of the problems which are not allowing an animal to conceive and take out healthy posterity is successfully treated. Infertility — a common cause of lack of posterity at pets. It is important to pay in due time attention to a problem and to take necessary measures.

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