• Nov 10, 2019

Communication with pets reduces stress and prolongs life. At owners of cats the risk of a depression is lower because they do not feel loneliness, they can embrace the pet and at any time talk to it. And still cats bring sense in life, to especially elderly people. Caring for an animal, they feel demand, and in old age it is very important. Besides, cats are famous for ability to treat. In modern psychology even the special direction under the name a felinoterapiya which is based on communication of the person with a cat is developed.

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They perfectly feel mood of the owner

Cats seem quite indifferent and as if there live in itself, and human affairs to them it would seem are uninteresting, despite accommodation under the same roof. In practice everything is perfect differently. If attentively to look narrowly at the pets, then it is easy to notice that they are not so indifferent as we think, and are able to catch our mood and to define, we are quiet or are angry.

The American scientists conducted the research published in the scientific magazine "Animal Cognition" about behavioural Fathers at cats. Results convincingly prove that they read out human emotions through gestures and a mimicry of people. As informants 12 animals performed with the owners. The smiling owner caused positive behavior in their pets, they began to purr, got on knees and tried to be near all the time. As soon as the owner frowned, the cat left him. Absolutely differently cats behaved with strangers: irrespective of their emotional state, they showed positive behavior.

Purr removes stress

The cat is not only good company, but also irreplaceable medicine which effect is not limited to soothing effect. Tender purring lowers arterial blood pressure of the owner and normalizes work of heart. Animals always lay down on a sore point and accelerate recovery process. And still it is known of ability of cat's purr in the certain frequency range to strengthen and increase bone tissues.

Owners of cats for certain noticed that the sound of cat's purring pacifies and calms. Therefore to listen as the cat purrs, it is recommended to people with nervous breakdowns. The vibrations published by cats improve brain blood circulation, help to normalize pulse and if all this sound process is followed by shuffle pads with claws, then the full-fledged session of acupuncture turns out. So cats are the real house doctors whom it is possible to ask minutes of nervousness and experiences for the help.

They listen carefully to

and do not interrupt

Cats as nobody else are able to listen. In situations of emotional pressure there is desire to be uttered, but not all and can not always be told even to the friend. And here the cat will become the excellent listener, she will not begin to reproach you for something, will not kill speaking. It is just ideal option of the silent psychologist at home. It is possible to talk to the with the fluffy friend about everything.

It is important to find a common language in communication of a cat and the person for both parties of dialogue, then your cohabitation will bring emotional satisfaction. The reason for a conversation with the pet can be any. From time to time cats call for the beginning of a conversation, attentively watching the owner. The conversation with an animal can give interrogative intonation and to tell a cat about what you do now. It is possible to scold a cat for disobedience, having told it with reproach, but without aggression. Even it is necessary to abuse a cat strictly, but it is benevolent. And at the end of the day it is possible to discuss with a cat as there passed this day and to share with it plans for following. The cat is an attentive listener.

is pleasant to the Pet that the owner found for it time

Independent cat's nature demands love, attachment and care. These clever creations will reciprocate on heat and caress of the owner. Noble cat's soul is capable of firm friendship. It is possible to learn about her love if to concentrate on sounds which are made by a cat, to pay attention to her behavior in different situations. For example, it can draw with the miaow attention, show alarm or demand caress.

The visual contact come between a cat and her owner is a sure sign of manifestation of cat's love and tenderness. And if at the same time the pet also slowly covers eyelids, can not doubt that you are loved. Coming into such visual contact, it is necessary to remember that the animal regards a long stare as threat. So the level of credibility to you also will depend on its duration and nuances. And still your canine friend can improvise hunting, attacking from shelters, or to bring the toys. Such acts speak about trust and urge to show attention to a fluffy.

The dumb animal will show the tender feelings in response to the shown attention gentle pokusyvaniye or "buttings" by the head, cat's kisses with licking of hands and persons or twitchings by a tail, purr and the permission to iron itself. And if the cat goes to bed with you in a bed, then reject all doubts – she loves you and needs your care and attention.

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