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the Red cat always held a specific place among the fellows. It is considered that fluffy pets of a fiery color are very popular among manufacturers, they such bright and positive, and still it is interesting to play with them. Though the red fatties preferring to spend the most part of days on a sofa look lovely too.

Interesting about a Red Cat
the Red cat always held a specific place among the собратьев

Породы with a red color

If domestic cats have various color, then thoroughbred animals not everything are red. Only some breeds of red cats differ in fiery color of wool. the Most widespread of them are the following:

  • British . Representatives of this breed have appeasable temper. They since the birth are very clever and easily give in to education, do not clash with other animals and love people. The British have beautiful light-red wool and blue eyes. They are unpretentious in food, and here their fur coat demands leaving. That wool shone and shone, it needs to be washed and combed regularly. And for long-haired handsome it is worth buying special shampoo and the conditioner.
  • Persian . the Big red cat of the Persian breed is very beautiful. The real Persians have wool of light-orange color. Sometimes the color can be diluted with white impregnations, but dark stains on a fur coat of thoroughbred animals should not be. Persians are quiet and friendly, they do not like to walk long, but with pleasure will play in the house. They need the balanced food and, of course, good leaving. That long wool did not roll down and was not confused, it needs to be combed carefully.

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  • Siberian . Representatives of this look are large and aggressive animals. The Persian cat will not sit on hands of the owner or to roll all day on a soft sofa. These are active pets. They like to play, walk and hunt. If it is good to look after the Siberian, then the animal will grow large and with a beautiful fur coat. Wool of Siberians can be chestnut, light or striped.
  • American kruglomordy. Red fatties of this breed are similar in temperament to Siberians. They are hardy and active, adore jumping and climbing trees. Americans differ in excellent health. They do not demand special food and careful leaving. Very beautifully saturated orange color of hair of animals looks.
Interesting about a Red Cat
It is considered figure id="attachment_5097" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-5097" that fluffy pets of a fiery color are very popular among manufacturers, they such bright and positive
  • Maine Coon. Representatives of this breed of red cats differ in the large size and unruly temper. Maine Coons badly transfer loneliness. They are very active and curious therefore they need constantly to move, run, jump and play with someone. Cats of this breed are the real red fatties, and cats are just giants. The color of animals can be both light-peach, and saturated red. Characteristic of appearance of Maine Coons are brushes on tips of ears.

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Interesting facts

About red fluffy cats there is a set of the signs and legends connected with their color. For example, the pet with a golden hair will attract wealth to the house, its color is similar to color of a coin. If to shelter a solar animal from the street, then it will bring with itself good luck and joy. And at first the red cat has to be well fed. The more there will be a bowl with a forage, the more happiness waits for owners. Even if there is no opportunity to take the pet in the house, he should be fed by all means.

Interesting about a Red Cat

Earlier people considered that if the striped small predator passes by the human dwelling, then it the solar power will distract a trouble from the house.

Many national signs are connected with these animals. Red cats will hiss and will fluff up tails if the gossip or the envious person enters the house. To protect the owner from negative impact and a malefice, the pet rubs about his legs. Green-eyed red fatties are capable to frighten off evil spirits. At this time their wool rises, and the eye is turned in one point. If before leaving of the owner the pet uneasily goes to and fro, so he warns about danger. houses are better to be late a few. Pets feel mood of members of household. If the cat suddenly decided to play with the owner, so he tries to save it from doubts and sad thoughts. It is rather simple to stroke the favourite that the mood improved.

Interesting about a Red Cat

It is considered that red handsome has playful character. This image is quite often used in movies and advertizing. If it is necessary to pick up the unruly hero, then the choice by all means falls on fiery fidgets. The most known, perhaps, is the impudent red cat Garfield about whom animated film was watched by each child.

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Red color very beautiful and bright. Red fatties are similar to the sun which warms with the heat. Having taken in the house of a kitten of a fiery color, it is impossible to disappoint in it. He will be a reliable friend and the general favourite.

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