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Often the lovely, at first sight, dream can warn about danger. For example, a dream about a cat. Let's consider to what cats dream.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats to
Dreams dream not only reflect thoughts and desires of the person, but also can predict future.

Dreams not only reflect thoughts and desires of the person, but also can predict future. Great Vanga considered a cat a symbol of troubles and intrigues of ill-wishers. Therefore it is so important to know to what the cat dreams: in a dream we often receive a warning. It is easier to cope with difficulties about which you foreknow, than with unexpected problems. To what does the cat dream? truly to interpret a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to a set of details.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats dream
the Black cat was always considered as a harbinger of failures.

Colour of a cat

The huge value has an animal color. For example, the black cat was always considered as a harbinger of failures. To what does the black cat dream? To serious quarrels with close people. If the animal of black color meets halfway or sits next to you, it can be a harbinger of a disease or treachery. If the cat crossed the road, wait for a meeting with the unpleasant person. Dreamed you many black cats or kittens? You should not be frightened at once. If the person considers these animals allies, they will bring good luck. It is so told in dream book by Miller about cats.

White cats in a dream symbolize insidiousness of friendly, at first sight, people. Still this image can mean that your ill-wishers wait for a right moment for attack. Try not to contact in dreams to white cats. If you manage it, problems will pass by.

To what the black-and-white cat dreams? To the fact that your plans and hopes can fail. Also you should be accurater – there is a probability that you are traumatized because of the absent-mindedness.

Grey – color of fatigue and grief . Let's consider to what the gray cat dreams. This image – a symbol of the fact that you are dissatisfied with yourself or the life. You should take a break, to take a vacation at work, to have a rest and to consider everything.

To what dream cats (video)

Behaviour of an animal

It is useful to know to what the aggressive cat dreams. She symbolizes the dangerous ill-wisher who will try to spoil your reputation. If the animal attacks and is scratched, it means that enemies will deprive of you property or profit. Attack of a lean and dirty animal warns about problems with health.

To what the speaking cat dreams? the Cat was always considered as a wise animal. If in a dream to you happened to talk to her, try to remember this conversation in the morning. Let's glance in dream book: the speaking cat can prompt how to cope with the arisen problems, to get out of a difficult situation, to overcome a bad luck strip.

If the cat in a dream loudly and plaintively mews, be ready that in reality will ask you for the help soon, but it will be difficult to satisfy this request. Also cat's miaow can symbolize insincere declarations of love.

You should not forget that also your house favourite can dream you. The dream in which she scratches you, foretells slander. If in a dream you are attacked by foreign pet, it means that his owners nursed a grievance.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats dream

Quantity of cats

Too it is worth paying attention to quantity of animals. Even if one cat can foretell troubles to what many cats dream? Think of the behavior and a way of life, the pack of aggressive animals represents your enemies. Also similar dream can warn that there is a risk to fall a victim of thieves or swindlers. If in a dream you watch a cat's fight, it does not promise you anything good too. Troubles which will seriously affect life can wait for you.

the Pack of kittens warns about small difficulties. the Dream about multi-colored kids – a harbinger of the fact that you can fall a victim of own delusions. If several white kittens dreamed the girl, it can mean that the best friend envies her. Snoviditsa should think of that with whom it is possible to share secrets, and it is never better for whom to tell anything. The cat who hisses and protects the kids dreamed? This image symbolizes a trap of enemies. Be attentive and do not trust strangers.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats dream

Dreams of women and men

We will consider to what the woman dreams cats. The tender animal who purrs and rubs about legs symbolizes the artful competitor. If the married woman irons the dreamed cat or plays with him, it can be an adultery presage. The homeless cat crossing the road who dreamed the girl warns that it is worth waiting a little with important decisions, otherwise all plans will be destroyed. to Keep in a dream to the woman on hands of a cat – an omen of misfortune. In reality of snovidiyets will get into a situation which will bring it big troubles. Its reputation and a reputation can suffer. It is important to know to what the cat dreams: the woman will manage to avoid troubles.

The most disturbing image – a red cat. He promises serious problems on the personal front, unrequited love, treachery. The three-colored dreaming cat personifies the competitor. This competitor is very dangerous as she has qualities which attract the husband of a snoviditsa. It is necessary to fight for happiness.

If the cat dreams the man, it is worth paying attention to its interaction with her. If in a dream the man kills an animal, it means that in reality it will be solved on break in relations with the woman who ceased to interest, or will get rid of persuasive attention of the unpleasant lady. If the kitten dreamed the man who recently met the girl, he should think of sincerity of feelings of the beloved. the Scratched small animal warns about nasty character of the girl.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats dream

of the Cat and dog

Pets can appear in your dreams together. To what do cats and dogs dream? It is worth paying attention to how they behave. The fighting animals foretell problems on the love front. If at you it turns out to separate them in a dream, in reality you with the soulmate together will cope with all problems. The dream in which the dog rushes on a cat, means that you will become the witness of an intrigue soon.

dreams in which images of dead animals appear Are dangerous and disturbing. Look narrowly at people around, near you there is a mercenary and double-faced person. But the dream in which the dog won a fight has good interpretation. To what does the cat and a dog who killed her dream? Such dream promises to businessmen good bargain or unexpected financial profit.

Interpretation of dreams: to what cats dream

Good sign

Negative interpretation of to what cats dream, much, but it is not necessary to be upset because of it. For example, the pregnant cat who dreamed the girl means fast emergence in the house of the groom if the snoviditsa did not find women's happiness, the child or the close relative yet.

Knowing to what the cat dreams, in a dream you can try to win a fight with an omen, having banished an animal. Show to the dreamed cats who here the owner. And then all problems will run up too. It is worth treating also kittens, these lovely kids – a symbol of small troubles. A good omen for the woman – to catch a cat. Such dream means that she will dispel gossips and false rumors about the private life soon.

A lot of newborn kittens promises to a snoviditsa the monetary profit and also attention of men and declaration of love. Hungry and thin small animals – harbingers of troubles which will be solved quickly if it is possible to feed to satiety kids. The wealth is promised also by dreams in which the cat hunts for a mouse and catches her.

If in a dream to the married woman the cat who peacefully have a rest in the sun it was foretells tranquility at heart. Snoviditsa can relax, enemies will not disturb it.

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It is worth remembering also to what the big cat dreams. If you the businessman, this image foretells expansion of your business and gain of profit. Such dream promises farmers a rich harvest. Concentrate on work, good luck on your party.

Discussing interpretation of dreams, it is necessary to pay attention to in what day of the week you see them. The black cat dreamed you? If it occurred since Friday on Saturday, such dream foretells a monetary surprise. You are waited by an award at work or a pleasant gift.

Having considered to what cats and cats, one may say, that this image first of all negative dream. But do not forget about what it is always better to foreknow about danger which waits on the way.

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