• Oct 25, 2019

It is no secret that many parents, bringing to the house of a kitten, assign a peculiar educational function to the pet, believing that they care of an animal will teach their children to responsibility and care of the neighbor. But happens that the child, having played enough with a kitten in the very first days after his emergence in the house, is not interested in more animal and in every possible way avoids obligations for care of it. Meanwhile care of children of a cat is very important not only from moral, but also from the practical point of view as it strengthens the relations of children and their pets and also minimizes quantity of conflict situations.

to Feed with


Children like to feed pets, and they will never refuse to fill a forage in a bowl or to change water in the pet's drinking bowl. The cat quickly understands that the child can become for her one of the main sources of livelihood that it not only gives it a forage, but can treat with delicacy.

She becomes more tender and patient in relation to children, and they, in turn, understand quicker that the animal not only deserves careful and even respect for itself, but also can be quite capable of the true devotion and love. It strengthens the relations of pets and their little owners and becomes frequent the beginning of origin of touching friendship between them.

Even absolutely small children quite can independently put food in a bowl of the pet, and in shop willingly help parents to choose ready-made feeds for the favourite, trying to consider his personal preferences at the same time. Besides, it is possible to charge to children a duty to watch that in a bowl the pet always had a clear drinking water.

A task of adults at the same time — to watch that the cat received only the forage volume necessary for it. If the child wants to treat an animal with something tasty, it is necessary to check that it was the product which is not forbidden for a cat.

Before to charge to children to feed a cat independently, it is necessary to explain to them that it is impossible to distract an animal at meal time, to play with it or, especially, to tease it.

to Play

with the pet all family

Joint games with the pet — a great option of carrying out family leisure. Children of the most different age can take part in this entertainment unless except for absolutely small which do not understand a difference between a live kitten and a plush toy yet.

Children are more senior can make under the leadership of adults a requisite for similar games. For example, to sew from fabric or faux fur of mice and to fill them filler. And if the child is already able to use joiner's tools and surely holds a brush in hand, then parents can involve him in such fascinating and useful occupation as construction of a cat's lodge or even the whole game complex for an animal.

Making together with children joint games accessories with a cat, you not only will involve the child in care of an animal, but also train it in necessary skills in life.


Owners of long-haired pets can involve children and in care of animal hair. Only it is necessary to explain to the child that during a grooming it is necessary to treat a cat carefully and delicately: it is not necessary to pull too strongly for wool during combing or to pull, trying as it is possible to comb it better.

To avoid troubles in the form of scratches or stings from an animal, adult family members should control at least at the beginning this process. Later, when the child in perfection will master art of combing of wool of the pet, he will be able to cope with this occupation independently.

Besides, it is possible to perform together with the child regular inspections of a condition of skin of the pet regarding scratches, raschyos, inflammations and also external parasites.

It is not recommended to charge to children to process independently a cat from fleas and ticks by means of drops or, for example, sprays as these medicines can be at misuse toxic not only for an animal, but also for the child.

Children of advanced age can charge also duties to watch a condition of claws of a cat and even in due time to shorten them.

to Create to the pet a page in social network

If the child is already able to use the computer and the Internet, he can quite create a page in social networks where he will tell about life of the pet and to post interesting or amusing photos and video with participation of a cat.

Such publications draw attention of hundreds and even thousands of subscribers, and an animal at creative approach of his owners to maintaining the page, sometimes even become world famous.

Blogging of the pet and his filling with relevant content will become for the child not only fine leisure, but also an opportunity to fill up the budget of family.

Maintaining the page of the pet will become for the child an excellent opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to learn to state harmoniously the thoughts, composing interesting signatures to photos and the whole stories about life of the favourite.

To involve the child in care of a cat, parents should not resort to coercion as it not only will turn care of an animal into a boring duty, but also instead of imparting responsibility, will inspire in them hostility to an animal. It will be much better if children and adults together begin to look after a cat. Joint feeding, leaving and, of course, games, will allow owners and a cat to know better each other and will strengthen the relations between them. And the help of the child under the authority of the page of the pet on social networks not only will become useful and pleasant pastime, but also it will be an excellent occasion for the child is proud of itself and the cat whose photos hundreds and even thousands of other people admire.

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