• Sep 29, 2019

Owners of cats often show to the pets their own reflection in a mirror. It is interesting how the cat will react to other animal behind glass. Or the cat is capable to learn in reflection of?

Whether the Cat of in a Mirror Learns


cats See reflection in mirrors

As show the numerous experiments made by owners over the kitties, pets really see reflection in mirrors. Acquaintance with reflected cat's "I" is followed by various reactions: curiosity, surprise, a fright, interest, desire to play or fight. The first reaction depends on age of an animal and his temperament. Kittens try to become friends and play with "newcomer", young cats can be surprised and frightened, and mature cats try to rush on "uninvited guest", protecting own territory. At more close acquaintance with a mirror animal reaction house cat's on display becomes neutral: predators live in the world of smells, and the "glass" cat has no smell. Therefore, mirror fluffies are not interesting neither as the friend, nor as the enemy present.

whether they understand

A that this reflection their

Perhaps, after the first acquaintance to a mirror cats begin to understand that it they there, behind glass and therefore cease to react to reflection violently? But this assumption is not right. There is a mirror test, and cats cannot pass it. Tests were carried out on a large number of representatives cat's, but any animal could not identify in reflection of. The experiment is made as follows: the animal has access to a smooth surface and an opportunity to watch regularly the reflection. In several days of contact with a mirror apply to the sleeping cat the paint which does not have a smell on a forehead. The cat can see the muzzle only in a mirror and if reflection is associated with itself, then the cat will try to remove the applied paint. All examinees ignored emergence of a foreign spot on a muzzle. And here some representatives of the wild nature understand that reflection in a mirror – it they are. A mirror test is taken by elephants, dolphins and anthropoids.


Can help a cat to be understood that this her reflection in a mirror

Proceeding from the made experiments with use of the mirror test, the pet cannot explain that in a world behind the looking-glass they see themselves. It is only possible to remove too emotional reaction to the "zazerkalny" fellow. If your favourite hisses, expresses aggression or fear, take an animal on hands, calm him and slowly approach together with him a mirror. At the same time continue to talk tenderly to him, stroke him. Seeing "behind glass" the owner who friendly treats the stranger, the cat will cease to react to the competitor too violently.

All domestic fluffies moustached-having a tail are familiar with the display in a smooth surface, but perceive a "zazerkalny" animal as the moving picture having with them nothing in common.

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