• Feb 3, 2019

Very few people sometime thought of the fact that the love to cats is a disease. And here the American scientists could come to such conclusion by a research of behavior of rats.

Love to Cats — a Disease?

Experts defined that the parasite under the name Toxoplasma gondii who is present at an organism practically of each cat does these animal attractive in the opinion of rats who are their potential production. However they are also sure that in case of infection of the person with toxoplasmosis it can have serious changes of the personality up to development of schizophrenia.

the Main insidiousness of toxoplasmosis is that in most cases it proceeds asymptomatically.

Main Insidiousness of Toxoplasmosis

this disease constitutes Special danger for:

  • of Pregnant women .
  • of Carriers of the HIV virus .
  • of People with various diseases of the immune system .

Causative Agent of Toxoplasmosis

the Causative agent of an above-mentioned illness can live in an organism of any mammal, but breeds only in cat's organisms.

his experts also accuse

that rats cease to feel fear of these animals.

As a result of it fall to them into clutches.

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