• Sep 23, 2019

Quite often happens so that, already having one cat in the house, owners bring the second. How in this case to calm down capricious character of pets and to make friends them with each other? Some subtleties will help.

Whether It Is Possible to Make Friends Two Cats Fighters in One House

the Place for a dream

It is the most important part for cats as there they completely relax. And the dream takes away vigilance. Therefore it is important to equip a berth for the new pet further from the place where the first animal sleeps.

It is the best of all that these territories were in different rooms with the closed doors. At first it will provide tranquility to both cats and their owners. Certain places for a dream have to be until animals do not get used to each other.

the Place for meal

This not less important space. Many animals do not wish that about them someone is during meal. Usually it appears growl, hissing even if the person stands nearby. If bowls of cats close are, then it is probable, animals will become to each other aggressive and can even fight.

It is desirable to feed the new pet in other room and from other capacity. The forage should be given to cats in at one time to exclude fight for food. Later, when animals will get on, their capacities can be shifted.


To a new cat – a new tray. At its absence cats will have one capacity where they have to go to a toilet, and not to avoid the conflicts. Then animals will not turn out to make friends any more. But happens and in a different way: the old cat does not clash with new, but also itself does not go to a tray.

Therefore it is better to buy two trays. So animals will get used to a situation and will not clash with each other. When cats become more amicable, one capacity can be removed.

Joint games

Owners have to play along with both animals. One cat should not have a jealousy that about him was forgotten. For this purpose cat's toys which can both be bought can be useful, and to make independently.

Playing with cats, it is necessary to encourage both surely. Pets should not feel the uselessness. Encourage animals with words and goodies. Joint games will help to make friends cats.

of the Laying

Each cat has to have the laying. On it they sleep and have just a rest. At the same time the laying has an animal smell. Periodically it is necessary to interchange the position of them. So there is a mixture of smells of pets, and they will be able to make friends.


If the above-stated ways do not help, castration is necessary. This procedure helps as animals become quiet. They will not mark the room, to mew at night. Also the risk of infection of an animal with infectious and other illnesses is excluded.

After castration the animal needs rehabilitation. Owners have to provide it rest, the spacious flat place and the absorbing napkin as perhaps uncontrollable release of urine. Lighting needs to be made muffled. At a low temperature heat – a hot-water bottle, a plaid, the battery is required.

Always you treat equally both cats

Animals should not feel forgotten. Therefore owners should treat them equally. It concerns manifestations of caresses, food and other things. Pets have to feel as darlings.

These easy ways will help to reconcile cats fighters. Patient owners usually manage to make friends pets even if at first they were at enmity.

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