• Dec 10, 2019

Old age not a disease. It is the next period of life which it is necessary to live. Your cat pleased you when was young and healthy, or truly served, catching mice or rats. Now your debt — to provide her a quiet and happy old age.

It's no fun to be old: how to treat an elderly cat

is Less than stress

At advanced age of a cat transfer stressful situations worse. To understand whether the cat easily, at her is frightened:

  • the body is strained;
  • pupils are expanded;
  • wool on withers is lifted on end;
  • ears are taken away back and pressed;
  • breath is speeded up;
  • the tail between the legs is put.

The first reaction to fear at a cat — to escape and hide. But at a strong fright the animal can freeze. If the owner at the same time tries to calm her, trying to stroke or take on hands, will desperately escape, biting and being scratched.

Therefore if the cat is strongly frightened, it is better to leave her for a while alone. And when the animal will calm down, to caress and talk.

At frequent manifestation of signs of panic a cat it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian. Perhaps, he will appoint sedatives.


Various behavioural frustration also belong to age changes. Cats can begin to recover by a tray, to mew without the reason, to wander aimlessly about the house or, on the contrary, all the time to sleep.

You should not abuse them for it. Observe animal, maybe, habitual tray already inconveniently to use it, means it is worth replacing it with more convenient.

Sometimes changes in behavior say that a cat the syndrome of cognitive dysfunction (SCD) develops. Senile dementia — destiny not only people. A third of cats aged from 11 up to 14 years has at least one violation of behavior connected with SKD after 15 years of such problems — not less than 50 percent.

The main violations caused by a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction:

  1. A disorientation in space. The cat forgets why and where went where there is a tray, cannot choose the direction of the movement.
  2. Change of nature of relationship with people around. The animal or requires more attention to itself or on the contrary shows aggression, it worsens the relations with other animals in family (if they are).
  3. Change of behavioural reactions. The cat becomes more irritable, nervous or timid. Speed of response to stressful situations decreases.
  4. The animal sleeps more.
  5. Often loudly mews without the reason.
  6. Changes of physical activity — either long aimless wandering, or decrease in physical activities.
  7. Change of food activity — or vanishes appetite, or impetuous gluttony on the contrary develops.
  8. The cat looks after the wool worse and less often.

Cats have no special treatment of senile dementia yet, human means, but it on the verge of experiments are sometimes used. So it is necessary to stock up with patience and to give to the aging animal careful leaving, a cosiness, rest, good food and the main thing — love.


With age at the majority of domestic cats the need for contact with the person increases. They settle more often nearby, make up, require to themselves attention.

Satisfy this requirement. Iron a cat more often, caress, talk to her. Many cats even in old age like to play. The playfulness of a cat depends on character. But naturally these games have to be less long and quieter.

Also you watch that during the merrymakings your pet did not jump from too high surfaces. Because of age problems with the musculoskeletal device, it can injure to itself(himself) extremities.

not to provoke jealousy

It is difficult to age animal to endure emergence in the house of the new pet, especially young. First, they are jealous. Secondly, little kittens or puppies owing to the age very much of a shumna, are playful, restless and like to involve people around in the games. It will hardly be pleasant to an old animal.

Therefore you should not bring new pets not to injure the old friend, especially if the cat was always the only animal in the house.

not to squeeze

The elderly animal even if it differs in friendly and sociable character, feels the need for quiet rest. It is not necessary to finger it without need.

Especially it is important if in the house there are children. It is necessary to explain to them what a cat old, she cannot jump and play as earlier.

Respect desire of a cat to be alone. Equip with her a cozy corner or a lodge. Caress when the cat itself shows willingness to communicate.

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