• Jan 13, 2020

Korat – one of the most ancient cat breeds removed in Thailand.

 the Cat of breed carat at a photo exhibition

On a photo: a cat of breed carat at an exhibition. Photo: wikimedia.org


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin Thailand
Group on wool Short-haired
Life expectancy is About 13 years old
of Feature does not take out noise
Weight Up to 3 — 5 kg
to Whom suits For any family

cat breed History carat

The cat breed carat is obliged by the name to the province where these мурлык were brought. The first mention of this breed can be met in the 14th century. Cats carat of a silver-blue color were called "si savat" ("happiness") and were considered as royal cats of the Siamese empire (nowadays the territory of Thailand). And still Thais are sure that the carat in the house is fortunately.

the ancient religious practices connected with cats Existed. For example, requests for vivifying rains were followed by processions during which the blue cat was carried by by houses from Buddha's statue. And if the cat irrigated the earth in front of the house, it was the good sign.

The reverent attitude to cats of breed led carat to the fact that they almost invariable reached our days. The animals bringing happiness did not sell and did not allow to take out from the country. And only in 1960 the first cat of this breed got to the USA where the cat breed carat became very popular.

The standard of cat breed the carat was approved by FIFE in 1982

 the cat of breed carat lies on a photo grass

On a photo: cat carat. Photo: maxpixel.net

Description of breed of a cat carat

Carat – a cat of the average size, harmonious and flexible, but at the same time strong. Males are larger than females.

The neck is a long, broad chest, the back is slightly curved.

Harmonious legs, and back are a little longer than lobbies. Paws of an oval form, compact. Small pillows of paws mauve.

A tail average on length, at the basis thick, by the end is gradually narrowed.

Average size the head has the heart-shaped form, a forehead wide and flat, transition to a nose smooth, cheekbones wide, the chin is well developed. Large and wide ears have the pointed tips.

According to the description of breed of a cat the carat, eyes at them round, very big, are placed widely, very expressive and deep. Eyes of green color, however we will allow a yellow or amber shade at kittens.

The description of breed of a cat the carat defines structure of wool. At these cats wool short, dense, thin, has no underfur.

the Colour of cats the carat silver-blue, has a brilliant outflow. And the nasyshchenny silvery shade, the better. On paws, legs and the head there can be a silvery tiking. White spots, strips or hairs are inadmissible.
 Cat photo carat

On a photo: carat cat. Photo: wikimedia.org

Character of a cat carat

The character of a cat carat is distinguished by complaisance, comprehension and tranquility. These are sensitive and bright creations.

Consider that on character of a cat carat are impressionable, to them not to liking loud sounds and the turmoil reigning in the house. There is an opinion that hearing, sense of smell and sight at cats carat much sharper, than at cats of other breeds.

The cat carat on character is affectionate and tender and expects reciprocal attention from owners. They with you will play with pleasure.

Representatives of breed are extraordinary tender with children, however do not allow the child to torment the pet.

The cat of breed likes to walk carat on the street, but if you organize walks for the pet, take care that they were safe (in reliably fenced territory or on a breast-band ).

If you need the silent, gentle and loving partner, a cat of breed carat – the ideal choice.

 Cat photo carat

On a photo: a cat carat with a toy. Photo: pexels.com

Care of a cat carat

Care of a cat the carat is not burdensome.

Daily it is worth combing out a hair of a cat carat to remove the died-off strands of wood. However, as a rule, cats carat adore this procedure (as well as any attention from the owner) so they will not protest.

Provide to a cat of a pan for food and water and regularly wash them (without use of detergents). Water changes at least twice a day.

it is important that the cat of breed carat had a comfortable town where she can retire (a stove bench or a lodge).

Also the cat has to have a tray, convenient for it, and attractive a kogtetochka , and it is better a little at choice.

Provide to the favourite of a toy which will be able to entertain a cat and will not allow to start missing.

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