• Nov 23, 2019

of the Cat – the charismatic pets capable to bewitch the owner and to win his heart. That forces us to fall in love recklessly with moustached hooligans, a lot of things to allow and to forgive them.

A cat in the house the owner: 5 reasons for which people strongly become attached to the cats

Reflect character of owners

Earlier was considered that only dogs are capable to empathy, that is understanding of feelings of the owner and empathy. But the researches conducted in Great Britain proved that cats have too an emotional intelligence and ability to distinguish a mimicry of the person. The identity of the owner enters close social connection with an animal. As a result of such interaction the character of the pet develops.

The cats living with neurotics – aggressive, disturbing and timid. In dysfunctional families animals suffer from excess weight more often. At a positive kotovladelets and a cat quieter, benevolent and tender. Cats understand when the person smiles, and interact with him more willingly – rub, sit down on knees, purr. Protect your cat, she though does not show obvious reaction to emotions of the person, but everything feels.


The cat family differs in fascinating grace. They want to admire. Cats beautifully move, attractively wash, surprisingly play. Even rush on the apartment and tear up a sofa unusually gracefully. Sometimes not at once you understand that the cat misbehaves, and it is time to stop the bandit. To some hostesses is to what to learn from the wards – to take couple of lessons of plasticity of the movement.

of Antistress

A cat – quality antidepressant. In the USA researches which proved that kotovladelets die of cardiovascular diseases less often were conducted and in general live longer than kotonenavistnik. Cat's purr creates the certain vibrations useful to bones. Even if you are healthy physically, for certain that meditative state is familiar to you that arises when you iron a cat. All problems recede on a background. For certain the next scientific research will open that cats produce serotonin in owners.

of the Meeting at a threshold

Cats wait for you at home and are able to distinguish that you will come now, on the smallest, them to some known signs. Owners are often told stories that in five minutes prior to their arrival the cat sits on a threshold and does not take eyes from a door.

Rescue from loneliness

Cats are capable to replace to the person of the person. The meme about "40 cats" gained distribution in the Internet. Its sense is that if the woman for some reason did not manage to arrange private life, she gets a cat. Then one more. And so the number of pets can reach 40. In society the stereotype of the lonely self-sufficient aelurophile who is not interested in people and loving only the pets was created. They indeed brighten up loneliness. Even at Robinson Crusoe on the island there lived cats. But also in full-fledged family cats create an additional cosiness and special heat.

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