• Sep 17, 2019

Seeing before itself newborn kittens, it is not simple to understand at all, who before you : cats or kitties. To future owners it oh as is important ! And first of all at least therefore to be defined what name to give to the kid.

So what to begin with?

Of course, from very gently and carefully to take the baby, to put on a palm on a tummy and it is careful, without having hurt , to raise a tail.

Further it is possible to resort to the help of the smartphone. The picture is better to make quickly , and then long and in details to consider, than to torment the kid, trying to understand who it.

The sex of a kitten is defined as follows, we connect imagination , we measure distance .

At boys the drawing in the form of colon , and between points of A and B long distance is shown, are located far one from another.

At little girls the drawing represents English "i" : a big point, and under it a vertical stripe line.

The instruction for sex determination of a kitten is submitted on a photo:

 how to define a sex of a kitten

Illustration: .ru

By the way, is simpler to decide on a sex of a kitten when that grows up – by 12 weeks. Having run fingers between points And yes In at a cat it is possible to feel the small cambers similar to small small peas.

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