• Feb 6, 2020

Siberians" are, as a rule, quite unpretentious and differ in good health. However care of Persian cats has a number of features.
First of all, is care of wool.

At a Persian cat dense and long wool which plentifully fades, especially in the spring. In the period of a molt it is necessary to comb out a Persian cat especially carefully, otherwise wool will get off in koltuna. Besides, a cat, licking itself, can swallow of wool that will lead to education in a stomach of hair lumps. But even between molts it is necessary to comb wool, at least, 3 times a week.

Wash Persian cats at least 2 times a year.

it is better for
to place the Tray for a Persian cat in a secluded corner, but so that the pet constantly had access there. Consider that, owing to the cleanliness, the Persian cat will not use a dirty tray. In time you make cleaning.

Persian cats adore acquiring a tan, however abuse can lead to thinning and burning out of wool.

Regularly examine ears of a Persian cat and as required you clean them.

Provide to
the pet not only with toys, but also the gymnastic equipment that the Persian cat could move fully.

do not forget
that kogtetochka are necessary for any cat.

Provide with
to the fluffy friend the convenient location for a dream and rest where he will not be disturbed.

can Feed a Persian cat with "naturalka" or a dry feed. In the first case the diet almost completely has to consist of meat dishes. If you prefer a dry feed, buy products a premium or a superpremium class.

the cat has to have a continuous access to fresh water.

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