• Feb 6, 2020

Care of a Siamese cat

Care of hair of a Siamese cat does not demand special efforts. Hair of Siamese cats short, practically without underfur. And they adore when the owner smoothes a hair a hand – other hairbrush is not required. It is possible to moisten hands and to comb a cat them.
 a cat On a photo: a Siamese cat
should bathe Periodically Siamese cat, however she needs to be accustomed to water procedures since the early childhood: "Siamese" are not big fans of water.

do not forget to examine regularly ears and eyes of the favourite and if necessary to clean them.

Because of predisposition to dental problems, owners of Siamese cats should pay special attention to care of teeth, in particular, their cleaning.

the Forage for Siamese cats

of Siamese cats can feed with both a dry feed, and natural food.

When choosing a dry feed is better to prefer a forage a premium or a super premium class.

At natural feeding you watch that products were qualitative and fresh.

Health of a Siamese cat

in general, Siamese cats – healthy creations which live up to 20 years, and sometimes more. But the predisposition to some genetichpesky diseases nevertheless is available.
  • Siamese cats are predisposed to the following diseases:
  • Hereditary амилоидоз liver.
  • Cardiomyopathy.
  • Malignant tumors of a mammary gland.
  • Dental diseases: formation of a scale, gingivit also others.
  • So-called "Siamese squint".

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