• Jan 13, 2020
Care of the Angora cat has features which need to be considered.
the Important part of care of the Angora cat — care of wool. The Angora cats usually have no underfur therefore care of them is not so difficult, as behind other breeds with long wool. But hair of the Angora cat, nevertheless, needs to be combed every day a crest with rare teeths. It will not allow wool to koltunitsya and will remove the dropped-out strands of wood.
 the Angora cat of a photo
On a photo: Angora cat
of White Angora cats should be washed more often than pets of other colors. For washing it is better to buy long-haired cats shampoo. Bathe white Angora cats, as a rule, 1 — 2 time a month. To cats of other colors enough water procedures are not more often than 1 time a month.

As well as other cats, Angora — predators, so, a basis of a diet has to make meat.

do not forget
about hygienic care of the Angora cat.
Regularly you brush teeth to the Angora cat. The special toothbrush and paste is for this purpose used. Toothbrushing is carried out about 3 times a week.

Every day examine eyes and ears of the Angora cat, if necessary you clean them.

are As required cut claws. Also do not forget that at home there has to be a kogtetochka (and it is better a little).

that white Angora cats with blue eyes quite often have congenital deafness.

the Angora cats also sometimes have mouth diseases.

In some lines of the Angora cats is observed predisposition to cardiovascular diseases (in particular, a cat's hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).

Average life expectancy of the Angora cat — 12 — 15 years. However at the correct leaving these cats can live and 20 years.
 the Angora cat of a photo On a photo: Angora cat

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