• Jan 13, 2020

Short, dense and soft wool demands leaving — the British short-haired cat plentifully fades. It needs to be combed out daily, and in the period of a molt — even several times a day. Well the soft rubber or shchetinny brush will approach.

Wash "British" of times in several months with water of room temperature. Choose specialized shampoo which does not dry skin. After washing dry up a cat by means of the hair dryer.
Sometimes during licking gets into a stomach wool and rolls down in a lump. It can cause disorder of digestion or obstruction of a gullet.
Therefore should giving to adult cats medicines for normalization of digestion and dissolution of wool. Before choosing medicine, consult with the veterinarian.

Weekly eyes of the British short-haired cat needs to be wiped.

of Times in two weeks you clean to the pet ears.

Regularly examine claws in time to reveal a fungus if it appears.

do not forget
about prevention of worms and other parasites.
"British" like to dig out toilet filler therefore it is the best of all for them to take a tray with high boards.
Questions of feeding should be thought over carefully. It is possible to choose either quality ready-made feeds, or natural food.
If you prefer to
the second option, you feed a cat with meat with small addition of vegetables and rice. It is possible to give low-fat sea fish, but is not more often than two times a week. It is useful to feed the pet with fermented milk products: fermented baked milk, kefir, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese. The portion has to make 150 — 300 гр forages.
the Cat will be grateful if you offer it a germinated grass: cat's mint, wheat, oats or parsley.
the British short-haired cats are subject to obesity as they like to eat. Therefore do not overfeed the pet and do not treat him with food from a table.
Is probable, it will be required to add to a forage vitamins A and D. Before choosing them, consult with the veterinarian.

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