• Feb 6, 2020

Care of the Nevsky maskaradny cat has features which need to be considered.

the Important part of care of the Nevsky maskaradny cat — care of wool.
Dense long wool demands additional leaving: careful combing.
Essential plus: hair of these cats does not roll down, and besides it is hypoallergenic.
But is also minuses: the Nevsky maskaradny cats quite strongly fade in February — April and in September — November. Updating of wool goes almost all the year round.

the Correct care of the Nevsky maskaradny cat is impossible without correctly organized feeding. It is better to discuss issues of feeding with the manufacturer. At first adhere to the scheme developed by it. Any changes are entered into a diet gradually and accurately.

If you prefer to
dry feeds, choose products of high quality. If you the supporter of "naturalka", remember that human food will not suit the Nevsky maskaradny cat.

Besides, at natural feeding it is necessary to add vitamin and mineral complexes. But before choosing them, consult with the veterinarian.

the Bowl for food has to be steady, suitable by the size. It is better to choose ceramic, glass or metal ware.
If you noticed frightening symptoms, for example, the cat sluggish, ceased to eat or at her wool drops out, it is worth addressing the veterinarian.
the Nevsky maskaradny cats are predisposed to heart diseases.

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