• Feb 6, 2020
As a rule, the Russian blue cats differ in enviable health. Care of the Russian blue cat is not too burdensome.
Hair of the Russian blue cats such dense that if to smooth it, and then to draw with a finger a pattern, then it will remain, so far again not to smooth wool. The pet will look fantastically if you are regularly not too lazy to comb a hair fingers and also periodically to comb out by means of a comb. And to add to wool royal gloss, do not forget to look after it by means of a damp suede glove from time to time.
From influence of sunshine hair of the Russian blue cats can become brownish, however with arrival of fall this shade disappears.
 the Russian blue cat play a photo
On a photo: kittens of the Russian blue breed
Frequent bathing of the Russian blue cat is not recommended as it can break protective properties of indumentum. If insignificant, dry shampoo is better to prefer pollution. If you decided to arrange nevertheless to the favourite full bathing day, then lay a towel that pads did not slide on a bathtub bottom, and use only special cats shampoos. It is possible to use the conditioner, but it is not obligatory. The hair dryer or a towel will be suitable for drying, however when using the hair dryer you watch not to overdry hair and an integument.

For competent care of the Russian blue cat it is important to choose accessories correctly.

When choosing a tray is better to stop on rather spacious model, height of boards has to be not less than 7 cm. Remarkably, if before a tray you lay a small rug — it will facilitate cleaning and will serve as an obstacle for distribution of the filler which stuck to pads on all house. It is important to watch that the tray was clean as the Russian blue cat will not use for anything the "smelling" toilet, and will choose any other clean place at discretion.
Surely get a kogtetochka and carrying.
Drinking water has to be always freshen therefore it should be changed several times a day. And, certainly, you should not forget about a qualitative forage.

An important component of care of the Russian blue cat — hygienic procedures.

Daily examine eyes of the Russian blue cat. If there were allocations, remove them. If allocations are plentiful, it is worth consulting with the veterinarian.
Cleaning of ears is made if necessary (if the cat worries, shakes the head or scratches ears), extremely accurately. Only the visible area of an ear is cleaned, it is not necessary to go deep inside.
 the Russian blue cat in the apartment of a photo
On a photo: Russian blue cat. The photo is provided by nursery of "Lukosan"
Sometimes the Russian blue cat needs to tonsure claws as excessively grown "tsarapk" can injure a cat or other inhabitants of the house. For a hairstyle of claws special devices – nail clippers are used. Cut off only a tip, exactly. There have to be about 2 mm to living tissue with blood vessels. If you excessively were fond and cut off superfluous, use disinfecting and kroveostanavlivayushchy means which need to be had near at hand. If are not sure of the forces, it is possible to address to veterinary clinic – experts will teach you to look after claws of the favourite correctly.
Weekly examine teeth of a cat. Ideally it is worth cleaning them (in pet-shops and vetapteka special toothpaste is on sale). If found problems with teeth (a raid or a scale), it is worth addressing the veterinarian.

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