• Jan 13, 2020

in general, care of cats of breed-sided is not put by .
 the Cat of breed a-sided photo On a photo: the cat of breed-sided
However can present complexity to
a molt. It occurs often and quickly enough. Therefore can be left times of-sided without wool at all.
During these periods your pet will demand bigger care which reminds care of sphinxes .

of Likoi are afraid of cold therefore probably you should get overalls or a warm jacket for a cat.

Food of cats of breed-sided has to be balanced, but at the same time nourishing. They need to be fed with fish and meat (boiled). Also once a week it is possible to offer a cat-sided cottage cheese and other fermented milk products. Your favourite also will not refuse an offal or eggs.

will not prevent vitamin complexes, however before getting them, it is necessary to consult to the veterinarian.
 the Cat of breed a-sided photo On a photo: cat of breed-sided

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