• Jan 13, 2020

Is recognized by the international organizations TICA
of Likoi (or cats werewolves, the word "-sided" is translated from Greek as "wolf") is the new cat breed having the strange appearance giving them similarity to werewolves.
These cats – result of a natural mutation. They are not sphinxes, and a kind of a domestic short-haired cat.
Appearance of-sided is unusual. They partially have no wool: paws are naked, and on a high temple muzzle. The color can be only black with a gray hair.
Mysticism give to these cats unusual eyes: big, round and yellow.
of Likoi – cats, friendly, tender in relation to owners, however can attack the stranger. They are playful and active.
Care of cats of breed-sided in general is not difficult, but they are sensitive to cold therefore the clothes can be necessary for them.

Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin of the USA
Group on wool Short-haired with high temples
Life expectancy of 9 — 15 years
of Feature Periodically completely dump wool
Weight of 2 — 4.5 kg
to Whom suits For accommodation in the apartment

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