• Apr 17, 2019

Pregnancy — magic time, but future mummy needs special attention. It is equally important for health of the alumna and kittens who will be born all in few months after conception. Will help to be prepared for a wonderful event of 7 councils for care of a pregnant cat from veterinarians and experienced manufacturers.

7 councils for care of a pregnant cat

Care of health

Food has to be balanced and full. The natural menu includes various sources of protein — meat, egg, cottage cheese. If it is an industrial forage, choose a ruler for pregnant cats. From fifth week feed more often, but in the small portions. The alumna has to gain weight due to growth of kittens, but not fatty tissue.

Pregnant cats sharply react to toxins, without speaking about kittens in a womb. And artificial additives if they are not necessary, can lead to pathology of development of fruits.

Therefore any medicines apply strictly according to the recommendation of the veterinarian:

  • vitamins;
  • Dietary supplements, mineral additives;
  • means from external parasites;
  • anthelminthic medicines;
  • any drugs.

the Veterinarian — the best friend of the owner throughout all term of pregnancy of a cat. As soon as possible it is necessary to find the expert who will observe the alumna, to adjust a diet and will help with childbirth if there is a need. It is desirable to make ultrasonography that in disturbing day not to guess about quantity of the kittens who remained in a womb.

Special relation

How to Look After the Pregnant Woman of a Cat

It is necessary to treat future mummy extremely carefully. It is better not to take a cat on hands once again and to forbid it to do to children. Games only quiet, without jumps and bustle. Guests should not disturb a murka if that does not wish to communicate. Before window sills and other favourite places for a lasagna put stools — the pot-belly does not add grace, and falling is fraught with bad consequences.

One of the main councils for care of a pregnant cat — to avoid any stressful situations. If the organism of the house predator decides that for childbirth here not too suitable place, there can be an abortion. Therefore everything that can do much harm to future mummy and kittens is better to put away for later:

  • hairstyle of claws;
  • cleaning of ears and eyes;
  • bathing;
  • noisy parties;
  • repair.

Care of a Pregnant Cat

In three weeks prior to childbirth arrange "nest" — the cat has to get used to it in advance. The box with the manhole which is cut out in one wall will approach. "Hole" do about 20 cm from a floor that newborn kittens could not get out. "Ceiling" is cut off, constructing a roof from the diaper tense and fixed by clothespegs — it will be more convenient to watch childbirth, to clean up inside.

In a week cut off wool around genitals and nipples. It is necessary for a reason of hygiene and for safety of kittens. Long damp strands of wood can strong entangle a pad and even a neck of the helpless kid. The fur coat of average length does not need to be sheared, and around nipples she will thin.

Looking after a pregnant cat, it is necessary to hold thousands of trifles in the head. It is important to watch that the alumna did not fall asleep in the scorching sun or on a draft. It is necessary to reduce duration of walks if she goes outside. is better to buy in advance the medicines of first aid recommended by the veterinarian , scissors for trimming of umbilical cords, diapers. But the main thing — to concern a cat with love and attention. Then any requirement will be noticed and satisfied in time.

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