• Sep 3, 2019

of the Cat – lovely and kind pets who are capable to please the owner not only the behavior, but also appearance. To prolong life to the cat, create for it the correct conditions and rational leaving.

How Many Years Cats and as It Is Possible to Prolong the Pet's Life Live

Average life expectancy

Life expectancy of the cultivated cats is much higher, than at wild fellows. If in nature cats live from 5 to 9 years, then in house conditions the pet on average reaches age of 15 years. A condition of keeping and leaving directly affect health and life expectancy of the pet, allowing to vary age from 8 to 26 years. How many your cat will live – directly depends on genetics of breed and on your efforts.

Influence of breed

There is an opinion that thoroughbred cats live much longer than the others, however, such statement is controversial. Each case is especially individual: the British cats are capable to live to 15 years, Persian up to 30, and Siamese fellows up to 25. Remember that, first of all, it is worth being convinced of what genetics the pet has, and then to analyze whether the breed will affect longevity of a cat.

Living conditions

First of all, the cat needs to give an opportunity to lead active lifestyle. Think up for it entertainments, buy the developing toys, force to move more. Whenever possible, arrange walks in the open air. At pets who carry out the most part of day on a sofa life expectancy considerably decreases.

You monitor contents: cats love purity and if they are able to take care of themselves independently, then about the dwelling it is necessary cares to the owner.

  • regularly change a laying and the pet's toilet, change filler more often;
  • if at a cat long wool, then daily comb it that it was easier for the pet. Especially you should not neglect this rule during the summer period;
  • you carry out vaccination in time, do not miss an inoculation, regularly give medicines from worms and fleas;
  • bathe the pet as necessary. Do not leave him to dry on a draft that the cat did not catch a cold;
  • you watch over health of claws, and whenever possible cut them that the cat was not wounded. Do not forget about hygiene of a mouth.

of the Geneticist

Arguing on longevity of the pet, you should not forget about genetics. The impact of selection can sometimes become the reason of rare diseases which will be reflected in life of a cat.

To be sure of health of parents of a kitten and the nobility about their predispositions to diseases, get pets from the experienced manufacturers providing all necessary information: a family tree which will help to define life expectancy, the period of activity and risks of developing of diseases of various character.


The diet of a cat has to be balanced, especially if your pet is inclined to obesity. It is important that the forage corresponded to age, physical features and the state of health of a cat.

The balanced food will save the pet from colitis, a renal failure, problems of digestive tract, an allergy and other digestive diseases. It is necessary to feed a healthy cat three times a day, dosing portions so that the animal did not overeat. You should not combine natural products with industrial sterns. The qualitative and correctly picked up forage, as a rule, is capable to solve all problems and to give a necessary set of vitamins and useful substances.


The cat needs to be sterilized to increase life expectancy at least for 3-4 years. Pregnancy, the period of incubation of a fruit and care of newborn kittens is a big stress and loading for a cat. Besides, sterilization will help to improve a hormonal background and to prevent dangerous diseases, for example tumors. Will important take care of a condition of a cat after operation and to give it due leaving and care that she felt guardianship.

Correct leaving

You watch health of your pet: if you noticed changes in behavior, refusal of food or apathy – immediately address the veterinarian who will define and will prevent possible risks for health. Visits to veterinary clinic should be conducted and without cause: prevention will help to define the possible hidden course of disease, will indicate weak points of the pet and will let know what it should be changed in food, leaving and inoculations.

Do not forget to give to pets love and care. The lack of attention, indifference of owners and loneliness negatively affect health of cats, causing nervoza and irritation. Try to secure an animal against noise and excess vanity as the fright can provoke cardiac arrest. Remember that except you the cat has nobody therefore you have to be responsible for the pet.

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