• Apr 11, 2019

Most of fans of cats prefers pets with long wool. Healthy representatives of cat's are quite clean and care for the hair.

5 secrets of the correct care of long-haired cats

In a case with long-haired breeds is necessary the additional help of the owner.

There are 5 secrets of the correct care of long-haired cats.

It is necessary to pay attention to type of wool of the ward .

Some individuals are not subject to formation of koltun, and for others it is a constant problem.

That to avoid it, it is necessary to follow the following rules of leaving:

How to Look After Hair of Long-haired Cats?

 kinds of hairbrushes for long-haired cats

  1. Most of long-haired representatives needs regular combing. A hairbrush with the rounded-off teeths, the soft brush and a special slicker brush will help to cope with ease with this procedure. At first comb a soft brush a back and a tail, then a stomach and the pet's chin. After accurately shear scissors excess wool on pads. That it did not fall down, apply special sprays conditioners. Long admissions in comb-out of a cat lead to formation of big koltun. By means of a koltunorez cut the felted lump on several parts and comb out.
  2. Long-haired sometimes needs to bathe . Before it it is necessary to comb well the pet, otherwise after "bath" wool will strongly be mixed up. The water procedure can be replaced with use of dry shampoo. Powder is applied on the pet's wool, then carefully combed out. It removes an unpleasant smell and does a hair brilliant and silky.
  3. At long-haired cats in digestive tract woolen lumps — trikhobezoara can accumulate. They become the reason of vomiting or intestinal impassability. That it did not occur, pets are fed with a certain forage or give special paste for wool dissolution.
  4. the Moult at long-haired lasts almost all the year round . It is connected with constant warm house climate and artificial lighting. For reduction of a molt it is necessary to fill up a diet of a cat with sterns with the content of biotin, zinc and fatty acids.
  5. Representatives of the Persian or Himalaya breeds need additional processing of a woolen cover around eyes. It becomes for prevention of inflammation of skin and emergence of spots from dacryagogue.

At the balanced food at a healthy animal brilliant and smooth wool . The majority of cats willingly hold up the tummies and backs for combing.

the Beautiful hair of the ward is result of the attentive relation and care of the owner.

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