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the Scottish cat won popularity among felinologists thanks to the unique appearance, a lovely attractive face and tender character long ago. Every year the number of nurseries increases, and lop-eared cats even more often become participants of prestigious exhibitions. The cost of a Scottish Fold, namely so call lop-eared Scots, fluctuates depending on their class. For a thoroughbred kitten from a good family tree it is necessary to give the considerable sum.

Lop-eared Scottish cat: features of breed a Scottish Fold
the Scottish cat won long ago popularity among numerous felinologists thanks to the unique appearance

the History of origin of breed

Kittens of this breed are born with usual upright ears, but in a month at some kids they are bent, and remain straight lines with the others. In 3 months it is possible to define with an accuracy what type kittens treat. Cubs with the lowered ears treat exhibition type, and they are of the greatest value for felinologists.

In some sources it is mentioned that the first Scottish lop-eared cat appeared in the 17th century in the territory of China. But the animal with the trimmed ears did not draw attention of the Chinese experts, and then did not attach to appearance of such unusual cub due significance.

Only many years later, in the sixties last century when on a farm in Scotland the same unusual kitten was born, experts paid attention to unique appearance of an animal. To a kitten named Suzy, and later this amusing lop-eared kitty became the ancestor of breed. After the kitten born by Suzy by nickname Snuks presented to the farmer William Ross at whom in the house already there lived a cat of the British breed.

Soon William's pets had cubs. They had lowered ears, but externally they looked as kittens of the British breed. Several unusual kids gave to selectors who tried to register lop-eared pets officially.

Their attempts were failure as many experts considered that cats with the lowered ears can have serious problems with hearing.

Cats of new breed were begun to be bred in Great Britain, but soon it became clear that lop-eared pets have genetic illnesses in the form of problems with the musculoskeletal device. In this regard cultivation of lop-eared cats was stopped.

Nevertheless after a while experts from the United States became interested in such cats and undertook their cultivation. The American geneticists managed to complete the work of British and kept unusual appearance of cats without harm for their health. In the nineties the American association recognized breed Scottish lop-eared.


the Cat the Scottish lop-eared is externally very similar to British short-haired . The round muzzle with expressive eyes, chubby cheeks and a brawny constitution was adopted by cats at British. And the ears which only are hanging down are their distinctive feature. At Scottish Folds they are almost imperceptible – the small size and are bent forward.

Unusual ears of cats rather long time raised a set of questions at numerous experts. Manufacturers tried to find out for what reason at an ordinary cat kids with the bent ears were born and whether it can do much harm in the future to health of pets.

The kittens born with usual ears by 21 days of the life thanks to a special fold found the bent ears. At the same time not at all kittens such distinctive feature was formed of one dung. It turned out that appearance of lop-eared kittens could happen only when crossing a cat or cat of the Scottish lop-eared breed to the pedigree representative having usual ears. It is impossible to cross representatives Scottish lop-eared with each other.

Those kittens at whom in certain age ears begin to be bent are ranked as Scottish Folds, and pryamoukhy kids – as skottish-strayta. Characteristics of the first and second completely coincide and these breeds only differ in a shape of ears. At the same time skottish-strayta, unlike lop-eared Scots, cannot participate in professional exhibitions, but as pets are ideal.

According to the official standard, lop-eared Scottish cats have to be the average size, with a strong trunk, more compact in comparison with British short-haired. A neck at lop-eared Scots wide and powerful by sight, paws of average length, not too short, small pillows accurate. The head of rounded shape, a chin it is well developed, cheeks round, and small pillows of moustaches are brightly expressed. The hanging-down ears ideally have to be densely put.

the Colour of a Scottish Fold can be various. Wool of a white, black, red shade with various strips. Gray (blue) color of wool is considered the most widespread classical color of the lop-eared Scot. It can be both deep blue, and lighter shade. Gray lop-eared shotlanlets have saturated amber eyes.

Lop-eared Scottish cat: features of breed a Scottish Fold
Unusual ears of cats rather long time raised a set of questions at numerous специалистов

Many fans of cats also like kittens with a red color of wool. The red lop-eared cat can be born only at pets with a red or cream-red color. Eyes at red lop-eared bright orange, copper or an amber shade.

At the Scottish lop-eared not only the color, but also wool length differs . Scottish Folds are short-haired and long-haired. At the same time the last call Highland-foldami. They, as a rule, have a magnificent collar in a neck and panties at pads. Pryamoukhy long-haired cats call Highland-straytami. Thus at one couple of pedigree cats 4 kinds of cubs can be born at once.

Wool at Scottish Folds very nice on the touch, and its quality directly depends on a color. Representatives of this breed with unusual color of wool have it more rigid.

Lop-eared Scottish cat: features of breed a Scottish Fold not only the color, but also wool length
Character and education of a Scottish Fold differs in

U of the Scottish lop-eared

Representatives of this cat breed have rather balanced, tender and appeasable character. Treat the person kindly and equally kindly suit lonely people and big families with small children.

Despite some calmness of cats of this breed, they quickly enough become attached to the owner and like to spend with him much time. Adore being in the center of attention and in the house follow the favourite owner everywhere. Unlike the relatives, the British short-haired cats, lop-eared Scots more tender and sociable pets.

At early age kids of the Scottish lop-eared are very mobile, active and playful . Adult individuals are quieter and behave very measuredly. Adult Scottish Folds are not inclined to active games and pranks, and the owner can not be afraid of the fact that the cat will climb cases or to break curtains. Lop-eared cats prefer to similar entertainments lying on a master's sofa or contemplation of the events around them.

Lop-eared Scottish cat: features of breed Scottish Fold

Leaving and maintenance

Skotish-folda, as well as any other cats, need leaving. needs to pay Special attention to the hanging-down pet ears. them needs to be processed regularly by means of the wadded tampon which is previously moistened in special solution and warm, prokipyachenny water. The auricle needs to be wiped accurately and to watch that liquid inside was not filled in.

Long-haired, as well as short-haired, Scottish Folds need regular comb-out by a soft brush. By means of this simple procedure it is possible to prevent a congestion of excess hair and their further hit in the pet's intestines. It is desirable to carry out water procedures once a month, and exhibition cats can be bathed and is more often.

To accustom to a tray, it is necessary for a kogtetochka and various hygienic procedures of a Scottish Fold at early age. Sostriganiye of claws or comb-out will be become for the adult pet the ordinary procedures which are not causing excess concern and a stress.

The diet of an adult Scottish Fold has to be balanced and nutritious. If the owner made the decision to feed the pet with an industrial forage, then it has to be surely a premium or a superpremium class. The lop-eared kitty also has to have free access to a bowl with clear drinking water. needs to Update water in a bowl daily . The quantity of portions at the same time has to pay off proceeding from activity, age and needs of a cat.

Lop-eared Scottish cat: features of breed Scottish Fold

Health of lop-eared Scottish cats

Though the hanging-down ears of cats are also a natural mutation, in the course of cultivation of Scottish Folds the posterity can have certain illnesses. As a rule, most often at kittens problems with the musculoskeletal device are observed. Lop-eared Scottish cats also have predisposition to ophthalmologic, warm (a congenital cardiomyopathy), kidney (поликистоз) to diseases and diseases of digestive tract. At the correct cultivation developing of these diseases is most often nullified.

The lowered pet's ears with which their nature allocated do not affect hearing of cats in any way. They have no hereditary predisposition to ear illnesses.

Average life expectancy of Scottish Folds – from 15 to 20 years. At observance of all rules on leaving, the correct feeding and good attitude the lop-eared pet will live long and happy life.

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