• Nov 22, 2018

Ya since the childhood I love animals. And though we lived in the well-planned apartment, we always had many cats. All homeless, and their posterity, part of which we distributed.

San's Kitten

Buduchi children, we with my senior little sister Anyutkaya brought street kittens home, and mother did not abuse us for it. It was not pleasant to the father that we part nursery in the apartment, but it, eventually, accepted new four-footed members of our family because itself was a born aelurophile.

Love Dumb Animals!

Ya studied in the third grade when it picked up the first in the life homeless kitten – to San.

The black-and-white fluffy sat at a roadside, and I passed on the crosswalk. Returned from school. I very much was afraid that it will run out on the carriageway. Seized him, and brought home.

Sanya's Relatives

Next day, near that place where Sanya was found, I saw two more kittens. They were Saninymi the brother and the sister. And I regretted them. Could not leave on the street. So at us appeared still Ania (in honor of my beloved little sister) and Kotya.

Somehow we with mother went to the market. And there was such pathetic show that I could not pass by again. The grandmother sold a gray kitten and that he did not escape, bound to him on a neck a rope. It became a pity to me this kitten. Same not a dog. I finished mother, and we bought Mischa.

Love Dumb Animals!

Mischa is my cat. Recognized only me, slept only with me, played only with me, met only me. U it was a favourite pose – having leaned against a wall, having stretched paws, to sit on the fifth point.

He lived at us 3 years. And then ached. The veterinary clinic made the diagnosis – an urolithic disease. The started stage. For the first time in life I learned what means, to lose a close being. Still, remembering the favourite, at me tears gather in the eyes.

Kitten Manya

Once I played with children in the yard. It was drizzling. I heard plaintive miaow. Went to a sound, and saw on a kitten tree – I Attract. At that time it entirely was located on my children's palm. Absolutely tiny. And brought it home. Fattened milk from the pipette.

Sanya was the head of cat's family. Never fyrchat on newcomers of fluffy settlers. He lay and watched a situation. If someone from his wards began to fight among themselves, Sanya imposingly approached, and the fight stopped. He grew all.

Head of family Sanya

I write, and eyes become damp. Because Sanya is not with us any more. He lived at us 8 years. It was lost when we went in the summer to the dacha. But pleases me that in memory of my first cat there was his son – Ram.

Love Dumb Animals!

Ram – the copy of the father. He is 7 years old. Now it the most senior in cat's family. And the last. Because it, as well as other cats, castrated.

We with the sister already grew, but still we bring everyone to the house, homeless animals, we fatten, we nurse and we distribute in kind hands. Love dumb animals!

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