• Apr 16, 2019

Quite often fans of animals consider that cats the Thai and Siamese belong to one breed, just call them differently. Also there are both of them from Thailand, before Siam. However, along with a similar color, the general homeland, belonging to one siamo-oriental group there are also main differences between a Siamese and Thai cat.

Main Differences between Cats Siamese and Thai

are representatives of different two breeds with the features.

External signs of animals

The main distinctive features inherent in Siamese and Thai cats are looked through in their appearance. Despite the general color of that and others — a kolor a point with blackouts on small sites of a tail, head, ears, paws, identical color of eyes (from bright blue to blue) — these two breeds have the different structure of a body:

Differences between Cats Siamese and Thai

  • Siamese cats remind classical oriyental. At them harmonious, slightly extended form a trunk with thin, long paws, a-headed wedge-shaped form, large ears.
  • The Thai breed is distinguished by more powerful trunk of rounded shape, quite thick paws of average length, shorter and fat tail. The head of such cats is similar to apple, and small ears are a little wrapped on the ends.

of Difference in character

On character of a cat also have distinctions. Experts note :

Siamese Cat

  • Siamese are clever, well give in to training and are strongly attached to the owner. They are capricious and jealous. The first aggression is not shown, but will protect the owner if feel, he threatens him danger.
  • Thais are active, peaceful, more tender. They are friendly as to the person, and other pets in the house. Animals of this breed are playful, at a lack of master's attention can occupy themselves.

of Distinction of the Thai and Siamese kittens

The difference between one and other breed is obvious concerning already adult animals.

is more difficult to Identify kittens according to breed as pedigree lines are not shown at kids in 2−3 months when they get to the new owners.

In this case:

Thai cat

  • Pay attention to a shape of the head. At Thai kittens it round, at siam — in the form of a wedge, ears their big.
  • Tail . At Thais it is narrowed in the direction from the basis to a tip. Siamese have a host which thickness is identical on all length.
  • Trunk . Kids of the Thai breed have more dense constitution. Siama are thin, with long legs.

So, the main differences between the Thai cats and Siamese nevertheless exist in spite of the fact that at these two breeds there is a lot of general too.

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