• Jan 13, 2020

If to speak about cat breed a Maine Coon, responses of owners with children demonstrate that this breed can be the quite good choice for family with the child. Maine Coons are inquisitive and sociable, unmotivated aggression is not peculiar to them, and they easily find a common language with younger generation.

Maine Coon and Small Child of a Photo

On a photo: Maine Coon and child. Photo: pinterest

Behaviour of a Maine Coon with children

Behavior of a Maine Coon with children, as a rule, friendly and indulgent. However before taking a Maine Coon in family with children, it is necessary to consider an important point. At the child development of an allergy is possible, and it needs to be specified before the kitten appears in your house. For example, you can go on a visit to acquaintances who have cats and to look as far as the child is ready to emergence in the house of a Maine Coon.

If in family there is already a Maine Coon and the child's birth is planned, it is important to prepare the pet for this event in advance. For example, if shift of furniture or any changes in an interior is necessary, it is better to begin to bring them beforehand, every day gradually to give to a cat the chance to adapt to the future changes.

The behavior of a Maine Coon with children most often pleases all family members. As a rule, at the child's birth these cats treat the kid or with benevolent interest, or is quiet-is indifferent. However Maine Coons are very sensitive to an emotional condition of the owner and still need communication so the owner's task – to provide to the pet such care and the number of communication that the birth of the child did not cause in a cat of a severe stress.

When the child starts walking, the behavior of a Maine Coon changes. As a rule, the cat begins to communicate with children, to play with them and even sometimes to sponsor. And the activity and playfulness of a Maine Coon which these cats keep all life does representatives of breed by excellent companions for childish sports and pranks.

However is important to watch that communication of a Maine Coon and children was safe for both parties.

Precautionary measures at a Maine Coon game with children

Do not forget, however, that the cat is not a toy. And your task – to teach children it is correct to treat a Maine Coon. Only in this case communication of a Maine Coon with children will be safe and will bring joy to all participants.

Teach to play the child with a Maine Coon "without contact" — for example, to choose toys with a string. It will help to avoid scratches even if the kitten will get naughty.

Do not allow the child to treat roughly the pet and to hurt him. If children drag a Maine Coon for a tail, try to pick out eyes or check whether the pencil will enter an auricle, nothing good will leave. Even so patient creation as a Maine Coon, in this case will be forced to be protected.

Give to a Maine Coon the chance to hide and retire to the quiet place if he was tired of communication with the child or it became dangerous to a cat.

Remember that it is necessary to bring up not only a cat, but also the child. Only in this case your child will learn to treat correctly animals and live will learn to love all, but not to operate and torment for the sake of own pleasure.

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