• Jan 13, 2020

Maine Coons become more and more popular among fans of cats. So, it is important to know how it is correct to choose a Maine Coon kitten as to raise it and to look after the kid.

 Kitten of a Maine Coon of 5 weeks of a photo

On a photo: a Maine Coon kitten at the age of 5 weeks. Photo: flickr.com

How to choose a Maine Coon kitten?

Demand for kittens of breed the Maine Coon is quite high, and it is possible to see a set of announcements of sale of kids. But, unfortunately, not all sellers are conscientious and responsible manufacturers, so, the risk is high to buy not too healthy kitten or the metis. How to choose a Maine Coon kitten not to regret subsequently?

Before going to choose a Maine Coon kitten, study as much as possible information on breed, to visit exhibitions, to communicate to manufacturers and already taken place owners. So you will understand whether this breed suits you, and more likely define whether the thoroughbred kitten to you is offered.

Rules how to choose a Maine Coon kitten:

  1. Study the standard of breed.
  2. do not take a kitten according to the first announcement even if the price is attractive. Address the experienced manufacturer with the checked reputation.
  3. If the manufacturer does not agree to that you visited nursery and got acquainted with kitten parents, it is an occasion to think whether it is worth trusting such seller.
  4. Pay attention whether the Maine Coon kitten has signs indicating belonging to this breed: a long tail, brushes on ears, a characteristic shape of a muzzle.
  5. Surely sign the contract of purchase and sale with the manufacturer.
  6. Honestly answer questions of the manufacturer — it will give him the chance to help you to choose a kitten of a Maine Coon who will suit you. And do not hesitate to ask questions.
  7. Specify whether the nursery has a registration in a felinological system, and at affirmative answer, learn in what.
  8. Pay attention to appearance of a kitten, activity, an ukhozhennost, playfulness. These are important indicators of health.
  9. it is better to choose a kitten of a Maine Coon to whom 3 — 3.5 months were executed. At this age the kitten already has necessary inoculations, it long enough ate maternal milk and is adapted to the world around. At the same time the kid is already ready to leave mother, sisters and brothers.
 a Maine Coon Kitten on a photo stove bench

On a photo: Maine Coon kitten. Photo: flickr.com

How to distinguish a Maine Coon kitten from other cats?

Unfortunately, under the guise of a Maine Coon kitten can try to sell to you a kitten of other breed or a hybrid. How to distinguish a Maine Coon kitten from other cats?

In 3 months the Maine Coon kitten already has to have characteristic brushes on ears. If they are not, so before you not a Maine Coon.

One more distinctive feature of a kitten of a Maine Coon from kittens of other breeds — a tail, long and powerful.

At kittens of a Maine Coon of a paw shaggy and massive.

Maine Coon hair even in the childhood already semi-long and dense, and between fingers — bunches of strands of wood.

Study a family tree – it has to be given by felinological club.

Estimate the sizes of parents. If mother cat weighs less than 6 — 7 kg, so she not a Maine Coon.

If you are not sure that you will be able to distinguish a Maine Coon kitten from a kitten of other breed or the metis, it is better to address for council the expert.

What to do before appearance of a kitten of a Maine Coon in the house

Before bringing the kid in family, it is necessary to prepare all necessary for appearance of a kitten of a Maine Coon in the house.

  1. Equip the secluded vacation spot and games.
  2. Take from the manufacturer a rag with a home smell — so the kid quicker and easier adapts in your house.
  3. Allocate to a Maine Coon kitten the place for food. Prepare 3 bowls: for a damp, dry feed and for water. It is better if bowls not plastic, but ceramic or steel.
  4. Make sure that the apartment is safe for such curious and playful being as a Maine Coon kitten. Hide the unprotected wires and also objects which the kid can break and be wounded or swallow.
  5. Buy safe and various toys for a kitten.
  6. Close windows a special cat's grid.
  7. Get carrying. For Maine Coons it is better to take plastic big carrying.
  8. Prepare a tray of the sufficient size.
  9. Buy a kogtetochka, and several different is better to give to a Maine Coon kitten the chance of the choice.

Care of a Maine Coon kitten

That the kitten of a Maine Coon was healthy and cheerful, it is important to carry out behind it the correct leaving. Pay special attention to care of wool, ears, eyes and teeth of a Maine Coon.

Care of hair of a kitten of a Maine Coon will demand from you efforts. The pet needs to be combed out regularly (at least twice a week). In the period of a molt of Maine Coons comb three times a week. In the beginning the tail, then — a back and sides then — a breast, and finally usually leave a stomach combs hair. You should not bathe a Maine Coon without emergency.

Ears are enough to be cleaned once a week. However if you noticed that the kitten of a Maine Coon shakes the head, scratches ears or worries, urgently address the veterinarian.

You feed a Maine Coon kitten with the special forage strengthening teeth and deleting a scale.

In advance prepare all necessary for care of a Maine Coon kitten: lotions for cleaning of ears and eyes, hairbrushes, wadded tampons, the nail clipper.

needs to accustom To procedures for leaving of a kitten of a Maine Coon from early age and gradually.

Education of a kitten of a Maine Coon

That life with the pet was pleasant and cloudless, it is necessary to make efforts on education of a kitten of a Maine Coon.

Define rules of accommodation in the house: where the cat can be where it is impossible for her, there are places which constitute danger to the favourite.

If the kitten of a Maine Coon does something not so, it is possible to make a sharp sound. It is impossible to beat a Maine Coon kitten categorically!

In principle, education of a kitten of a Maine Coon – business not too difficult, these cats are very affectionate and friendly, perfectly study. In education of a kitten of a Maine Coon it is important to stock up with patience and in time to encourage the correct behavior.

 Kittens of a Maine Coon of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coon kittens. Photo: pixabay.com

Schooling of a kitten of a Maine Coon to a toilet, a tray

As a rule, the Maine Coon kitten without problems understands for what purpose the tray is necessary. If the kid missed, do not shout at him to just napkin blot a puddle and put the smelling napkin in a tray. So the kid will find the right place on a smell.

It is important that the tray for a kitten of a Maine Coon was rather spacious. The tray size for a Maine Coon is defined as follows: the pet has to have an opportunity to be developed quietly there.

The tray for a kitten of a Maine Coon needs to be washed regularly and in due time to change filler.

If problems with schooling of a kitten of a Maine Coon to a tray probably of the kid arose does not arrange the place where the toilet, a smell of a tray or filler is located. You can experiment to find the option suitable for your pet.

Vaccination (inoculation) for a Maine Coon kitten

Do not forget about vaccination (inoculations) for a Maine Coon kitten! It is very important as serves as guarantee of health of the pet.

Many consider that if the Maine Coon does not walk on the street, it is not necessary to impart him. This delusion. You can bring an infection home on the clothes or footwear.

Before vaccination (inoculations) of a kitten of a Maine Coon, it is necessary to carry out processing from fleas and to give glistogonny. It becomes at least in 14 days prior to vaccination.

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