• Jan 13, 2020

The sizes of a Maine Coon impress - it is one of the largest cat breeds. There is an opinion that Maine Coons can reach the weight of 20 kg. How many in fact does the Maine Coon (a kitten and an adult cat) to what sizes the Maine Coon how Maine Coon weight on months changes grows and why it is important to control Maine Coon weight weigh?

 the Maine Coon at a photo exhibition

On a photo: a Maine Coon at an exhibition. Photo:

How many the Maine Coon weighs?

Even at the birth the kitten weight of a Maine Coon — is more, than kittens of other breeds. The average weight of a kitten of a Maine Coon at the birth — about 120 grams, however it can vary from 90 to 170 grams — all this norm options.

Maine Coon kittens quickly grow, respectively, kitten weight also quickly increases.

The weight of a kitten of a Maine Coon increases unevenly. For example, the first four days newborn kittens almost do not grow. During the podsosny period (the first month of life) the weight of a kitten of a Maine Coon increases every day approximately by 30 grams. Further the transition period where the growth rate of a Maine Coon slows down again follows.

In 4 months the weight of a kitten of a Maine Coon is about 1 kg.

the Truth that the Maine Coon can grow to the sizes of an average dog and weigh 20 kg? It is the myth. The weight of an adult cat of a Maine Coon can reach 12 — 13 kg. Also larger cats meet, however it is undesirable that the weight of an adult Maine Coon exceeded 13 kg. The biggest Maine Coon lives in Great Britain — he weighs 14 kg.

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