• Jan 13, 2020

Care of Snow шу not difficult: to maintain good appearance, these cats need to be combed out only periodically. They fade not really plentifully.

 the Cat of breed of Snow шу a photo

On a photo: cat of breed of Snow шу

Snow шу willingly is played with objects therefore you should buying them various toys — more.

As for health, in general Snow шу — quite healthy cats. Occasionally (as heritage from Siamese ancestors) squint meets. Average life expectancy of Snow шу — up to 15 years.

Do not forget to provide Snow шу access to a tray with pure filler and a kogtetochka.

For Snow's feeding шу it is possible to choose as a dry feed (a premium or a superpremium class), and natural food (in this case the basis of a diet will be made by meat).

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