• Jan 13, 2020

Care of the American short-haired cats simple, they are hardy and unpretentious. Average life expectancy of the American short-haired cats — 15 years.

 a short-haired cat of a photo

On a photo: American short-haired cat

Care of hair of the American short-haired cats assumes combing approximately once a week. During a molt it is worth combing the favourite more often. Additional leaving is not required.

Do not forget to process in due time a cat from parasites (ticks, fleas and worms).

It is possible to feed the American short-haired cat with both natural food, and a dry feed. When feeding by "naturalka" meat has to make a basis of a diet. If you prefer a dry feed, choose products a premium or a superpremium class.

As well as for any cat, care of the American short-haired turns on the equipment of the secluded vacation spot, providing with a kogtetochka and timely change of filler in a tray.

 American short-haired a photo On a photo: kitten American short-haired "

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