• Feb 6, 2020

Nature of a manchkin quite attractive. These cats are tender, sociable, peaceful, but if necessary are ready to stand for themselves.
the Kitten of breed манчкин Manchkina's
are not too talkative img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-01/1516693141_manchkin-charachter.jpg. They do not like to mew in vain and if do it, then it is quite silent.

Despite short pads, move manchkina quickly enough. They are very vigorous and quick, capable to jump high.

often accept a pose of "surrikat" or "kangaroo": sit down on hinder legs, holding lobbies suspended. At the same time, to support balance, rest a tail against a floor. So they can long stay.

Distinctive features of nature of a manchkin — activity and playfulness, they adore bustle and games in the hunter.

are very bright Manchkina's
and give in to training. They can teach to be gone for a walk on a breast-band and to execute some commands.
Sometimes come across the manchkina not indifferent to master's things. They secretly drag the pleasant knickknacks in a hiding place and then play with them.

at the same time on the nature of a manchkina are very accurate and clean.

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