• Feb 6, 2020
. Body length at them standard, and here pads — in 2, and even is 3 times shorter, than at other cats. This feature became the reason that manchkin call "dachshunds".
Is unusual also behavior of manchkin. The ordinary cat further to see, can rise on back pads, but manchkina are not that: they sit down on a seat, at the same time strong resting a tail. At the same time short front pads hang down on each side that makes a manchkin similar to a kangaroo.
is result of a mutation, these are carriers of a prepotent gene of an akhondroplaziya. The breed is obliged by the name to the book "Wizard of the Country of Oz" — the tribe of tiny little men so was called.
are short-haired and long-haired.
— tender and sociable cats. Peaceful, but can stand for themselves.
is simple to Look after manchkina, but it is necessary to watch that it at the pet did not develop лордоз.
Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed
Origin of the USA
Group on wool Short-haired and long-haired
Life expectancy is About 16 years old
of Feature Can develop лордоз
Weight of 2 — 6 kg
to Whom suits For any family

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