• Sep 25, 2019

of the Cat is the most popular species of pets worldwide. People so strongly approach the favourites that try to share with them the most tasty delicacies and useful, from their point of view, products. However the organism of cats is arranged differently, and the fact that it is useful for the person, can be to harmfully fluffy pet, and can even lead to his death. Before you 7 products which you should not give to cats.

Milk, Dough and 7 more Products Which You Should Not Give to Cats

Onions and garlic

These products which people got used to add to the diet do not suit the cat family at all. Some owners mistakenly believe that garlic and onions are antimicrobial means not only for the person, but also for a pet. Actually these vegetables contain disulfides (connections are gray), which in a cat's organism cause death of red blood cages and can lead to an anemia. Symptoms of poisoning are loss of appetite, frustration of a chair, vomiting, a coma which can be shown at once or several days later, depending on that how many onions or garlic were eaten by a cat concerning body weight. Even the small amount of these vegetables in any kind (crude, dried, marinated) used repeatedly can do harm to the pet's organism because of accumulation of toxic agents. Cutlets, home-made soups and also second courses from meat with addition of onions and garlic are contraindicated to cats.

Raw milk

Milk is considered to be a favourite dish of all cats. But, as well as in any adult organism, at these animals at achievement of teenage age (about 3-4 months) the ability to digestion of lactose (milk sugar) decreases. At many mature individuals the full intolerance of this component is noted — there is no splitting on simple sugar and their absorption in blood. It leads to fermentation in intestines that is shown in an abdominal distension, gas generation and a diarrhea, and allergic reactions are in certain cases possible.

Milk, Dough and 7 more Products Which You Should Not Give to Cats

Fruit stones

Some cats adore such fruit as pears, apricots, plums, apples. And in it there is nothing strange or the pet, mean to an organism. The danger is constituted by seeds of these fruit. So, the stones of pear or apple which got to puree which you carefully made for the pet because of high content of iodine can provoke rash, vomiting and a diarrhea. Besides, all fruit stones contain hydrocianic acid which interferes with release of oxygen from blood in fabric and can lead to suffocation attacks at representatives of the cat family.

Grapes and raisin

This delicacy is toxic for cats and can provoke a renal failure. Symptoms of poisoning with grapes or raisin are loss of appetite, vomiting, slackness, weakness, strong thirst, difficulties at urination. If you want that your pet was healthy, it is necessary to avoid some muesli, pies and cottage cheese containing these components.

Milk, Dough and 7 more Products Which You Should Not Give to Cats

Yeast dough

The eaten even in small amounts, yeast dough can cause an abdominal distension in cats. Moreover, this product can continue to increase in an organism of the pet and to create impassability of intestines. In case your cat ate a large number of the crude test, it can lead to spasms and respiratory insufficiency. As for bakery products from yeast dough, they are dangerous in case of the excessive use. The complex carbohydrates which are contained in them can lead to obesity, arthritis, a lock and diabetes.


Nuts are dangerous to cats for several reasons: first, they contain a large amount of phosphorus which causes poisoning in these animals. In this case the cat becomes sluggish, refuses water and food, the weakness and vomiting is observed. Secondly, nuts — the strongest allergen. Thirdly, this product contains a large amount of fats with which the liver of a cat cannot cope that leads to a liver failure. And, in four, such nuts as walnut, makadamsky and almond are poisonous for cats and can cause spasms, spasms and also defeat of digestive and nervous systems.

of Avocado

All parts of this plant are equally dangerous to cats because of persen content — oily substance, toxic for fluffy favourites. At poisoning of avocado vomiting, irritation of a stomach and intestines, a liquid chair, difficulties with breath, a liquid congestion around heart tissues is observed. In certain cases this fruit can become a cause of death.


The products containing sugar substitute – xylitol, can be deadly to cats. Xylitol contains in chewing gum, vitamins for people, products of sports food, lollipops. Some owners like to treat the pet with goodies, useful to people, or to give them as a toy a vitamin ball. However for a cat such entertainment can end with a coma and even death, xylitol leads to emission of insulin and causes sharp decrease in sugar in blood.


Favourite delicacy of the owner can do much harm very much to a cat. At the small use of this product the animal becomes hyperactive, loses ability to be guided in space. Chocolate contains three components, unhealthy for cats, at once: метилксантин, caffeine, theobromine. Together they cause dehydration, tachycardia and also disorders of nervous system and become the reason of problems with digestive tract. Besides, theobromine does not decay and is not removed from a cat's organism and can lead to liver diseases. A large number of chocolate can become the reason of heart attack of the pet.

Of course, people love the pets and always wish them the best. But even if the cat wants to try something from a diet of the person, your understanding of its physiological features and consequences to which can lead inappropriate delicacy can be the best for it.

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